EastEnders fans fear Eve’s days could be numbered as she plays a dangerous game with Nish

EastEnders fans have been left fearing that Eve Unwin could have unwittingly placed herself in danger as she made a move to stand against her love rival Nish Panesar once and for all.

Over the past several months, Eve has been engaging in a secret love affair with Nish’s wife Suki, as she urged her lover to come clean about her sexuality and escape her abusive marriage.

Yet despite a number of sordid trysts away, Suki has continued to resist calling time on her marriage as she insisted it needed to be on her terms and in her own time.

Yet on Tuesday’s instalment of the soap, Eve very nearly revealed the truth of her affair to an incensed Nish, as the trio argued over a business deal that Suki had managed to secure.

While in attendance at the meeting, Suki undermined her husband, backed up by her son and Eve, to secure a higher cut of the money they were willing to launder, but once the meeting had concluded an incensed Nish didn’t hold back as her engaged in a war of words with his wife.

Unwilling to accept how he was treating Suki, Eve soon intervened, only to have her sexuality thrown back in her face, as Nish insisted it was “family business” and nothing to do with her.

In tense scenes, Eve almost blurted out that she and Suki were in a relationship – yet in a surprising plot twist, Suki sided with her husband and told Nish that she agreed, this was a family matter and Eve should leave.

Clearly incensed by the revelation, Eve did as she was told, but later returned to the corner shop where she and Suki expressed their love for each other.

A short while later, Eve could be seen entering the Queen Vic, where she began talking to DI Jack Branning and made the bold assertion that she would offer him Nish’s head on a platter, so that he could take down the villain once and for all.

Immediately after the scenes had aired, fans feared what may be to come, as they worried that Eve – or perhaps even Suki – would soon feel Nish’s wrath if any investigation were to get underway.

"He has murder in his eyes every time something doesn’t go his way…" noted one fan.

While a second added: "Nish looks mad… The way he spoke to Suki!"

Before a third chimed in: "OMG. Eve was So Close to telling Nasty Nish all!"

A fourth also shared their thoughts as they added: "Really think that was a close call like I don't think Eve would ever expose them but I also think her emotions were bubbling so much at that point."

"I really worry about what will happen to Eve when Nish finds out. Because he will. And Eve is such a good character," added another fan.

Meanwhile another view rumbled their potential downfall while adding:"Gosh, they're gonna get caught. There must be cctv in that shop that Nish will see."

Not everyone was quite so fearful however, as one fan applauded Eve and Suki for standing up for themselves as they wrote: "Eve and Suki could be bad ass mafia wives they don’t need Nish"

EastEnders continues Monday – Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC Iplayer.


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