EastEnders fans question Janines motives as she returns – along with alter ego

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EastEnders viewers have been left with more questions than answers at the end of Monday's episode after finding out that fan-favourite villain Janine Butcher would be returning.

Although many viewers may have thought she would be coming back for her daughter Scarlett, who is currently in the foster system as Kat attempts to become her carer, it looks like she's got something else on her mind.

In true Janine-like fashion, she strutted into her impressively kitted out office in a pair of killer heels, trousers and a stunning red top paired with a white blazer.

Janine, who had her hair pinned back with a pair of gold hoop earrings which Pat Butcher would certainly approve of, welcomed Zack Hudson and Albie Watts into her office.

It seems Janine is pretending to be a paediatrician, or something of similar likeness, as she opens the door and says, "cute", which sees Zack thank her, before apologising and adding: "It's actually my nephew that's here to see you."

Zack said: "I open my mouth it just comes out," as she responded: "Well, I'm sure we can get you something for that."

He addressed her as Doctor Cole, which then saw Janine say: "Actually it's Bernstein, Judith Bernstein."

She added: "So sorry I'm late, there's always something keeping me away. But, here I am, meter's running, give me your worst."

Taking to Twitter, viewers were torn over what Janine's game plan could be, particularly as she's using her iconic alter ego which saw her attempt to marry a rich elderly man.

One user wrote: "What is Janine playing at? Where is Zack? And she's resurrected that old name Judith Bernstein again."

Another said: "Wow what an entrance from Janine! I dread to think what she is up to."

A third person wrote: "Why is Janine pretending to be a baby doctor? Well that's an entrance!"

Many fans will know that Janine only brings out Judith Bernstein when she's up to no good, like in 2008 when she attempted to marry an elderly man for his cash – before she was busted by Pat Butcher.

Janine's return has been teased in recent episodes as Scarlett came back to the square, with both Scarlett and Tommy hopeful she will go into Kat's care.

Kat has now told the court she wants to look after Scarlett, but will it be plain sailing from here?

EastEnders returns tomorrow at 7:30 on BBC One.

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