EastEnders is on TWICE tonight in schedule shake-up – The Sun

EASTENDERS will air twice tonight as part of a schedule shake-up.

The BBC soap was cancelled on Monday evening due to the FA Cup Third Round, so will be making up for lost time this evening.

Fans can tune in for two half an hour slots at 8pm and 9pm this evening.

The double bill is very action packed and viewers will see if Whitney goes ahead with her agreement to go on a date with Leo.

Whitney has been trying to piece her life back together after finding out her new boyfriend was in fact her childhood abuser's son, hell-bent on revenge.

She only found out Leo's real identity after sleeping with him in a hotel room.

When she tried to escape, Leo locked her in the room.

While she tried to move on her plans were ruined when she found out Leo was granted a market stall and insists of taking her out to explain everything.

Elsewhere, it is pageant night and Janet and Lexi will go head to head to be crowned the winner.

During the pageant, Honey sneaks off to the toilet but doesn't know Janet has followed her in.

Things turn sour when Billy notices that Janet and Honey are both missing, only to find Honey being sick in the toilet with Janet outside.

Janet ends up winning the pageant but Billy is still angry, and questions Honey about her parenting skills.

Billy tries to reason with her, but Honey rubbishes his claims and insists she had food poisoning following a date with Mitch.

And things go bad for worse for Louise as she struggles to cope with the secret about Keanu.

She breaks down and demands that  Martin tells her how he died – unaware he is alive and well.

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