EastEnders spoilers: Sharon makes final attempt to murder Ian Beale as Dotty returns and threatens to ruin her plan

SHARON Watts invites Ian Beale for a deadly dinner next week in EastEnders as she makes one final attempt to murder her husband.  

The BBC One soap recently revealed that Sharon was the mystery culprit behind Ian’s attack – and that she’s been on a mission to destroy him after discovering he killed her son Denny. 

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Viewers will see things escalate rapidly next week as Max quizzes Ian about whether he’s been for any tests at the hospital. 

But an irritated Ian snaps and tells Max to drop it, telling him that Sharon wouldn’t hurt him. 

When Max refuses to give in, however, Ian caves and promises to make a trip to the doctors. 

Later, Kathy arrives at The Vic with food for Ian, telling Sharon he needs to see a doctor. 

As Sharon insists he’s fine, Kathy snaps and tells her that her son really isn’t well, leading Sharon to grow suspicious that she’s onto her.

Sharon later makes a call to Phil, telling him she can’t go through their their plan.

Later, an incident leads Ian to question Sharon, but when she insists she’s in love with him, he’s left certain there’s nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, Sharon battles a guilty conscience and later reiterates to Phil that she doesn’t want to hurt Kathy.

But when Phil reminds her what Denny went through, she agrees he deserves to pay. 

It all kicks off as Phil tells Sharon he’ll get something stronger that will finish Ian off once and for all. 

Determined to carry on with her mission, Sharon tells Ian she’s making a special dinner and that they should finally consummate their marriage – much to the delight of Ian. 

Sharon gets ready for the dinner and looks through Denny’s possessions for encouragement.

But will her deadly dinner go to plan?

Viewers saw Sharon’s murder plan threatened in recent scenes following Dotty’s return to the Square after some time away.

Dotty, who knows about Ian’s part in Denny’s death, quickly grew suspicious of Sharon’s motives when Ian collapsed in the pub and Sharon insisted he’s fine. 

EastEnders has teased that a mystery person will overhear Sharon making an incriminating phone call later this week – and run straight to Ian to tell them what they’ve heard. 

Could it have something to do with Dotty?

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