EastEnders star Danny Walters confirms very unexpected new friend for Keanu

Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) gets an unexpected gift from Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) in upcoming EastEnders episodes when she buys the Arches from Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) so she can set him up in business.

While Keanu has previously worked at the Arches as a mechanic back in 2019, having his name above the door is a whole new experience, as Danny Walters explained.

‘He’s definitely shocked at first and quite overwhelmed with the scale of it all,’ he said. ‘He’s worked at The Arches before but being the boss is a little bit daunting for him. He’s a bit in over his head in this situation, it’s his first ever business to run and it’s quite a big scale.’

Keanu talks to Sharon about his worries and she has what she sees as the perfect solution and gets Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) in to help out by handling the bookkeeping side while Keanu deals with actually fixing the cars.

It’s not a move that Keanu initially welcomes, Danny admitted. ‘When Sharon brings Reiss in, Keanu’s ego initially takes a bit of a hit because he feels Sharon is belittling him. Over time however, Keanu understands that having Reiss there is the best thing for the business as it means he can get on with what he loves doing – being a mechanic and fixing cars.’

Part of Keanu’s worries about Reiss coming in come from the insecurity he feels about not doing well at school.

‘There’s a few references this week to Keanu being a school dropout and not doing great in education,’ Danny told us. ‘Bernie (Clair Norris) even says that he didn’t score well in maths. When it comes to the financial side of the business, I think Sharon is a little bit apprehensive as to whether Keanu has the credentials to be the boss which leads to Sharon hiring Reiss, who is a bit of a mathematical genius, to help Keanu with the accountancy side of the business.’

Having Reiss around at work is one thing, but Keanu is gobsmacked when his new colleague invites himself and Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) over for a social evening with Keanu and Sharon.

‘Keanu and Reiss are worlds apart in terms of their age and characteristics. They probably wouldn’t go for a drink down at the pub together – they’re just two different characters,’ Danny observed.

Despite this, the evening isn’t as bad as Keanu is fearing – and in fact things go rather well.

‘Reiss and Sonia invite themselves over and it forces the two couples to have a civilised dinner, which Keanu feels completely uncomfortable with,’ Danny said. ’As the night pans out, we start to see a softer side to Keanu and see him start to warm towards Reiss.’

Well, who’d have guessed that?

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