EastEnders viewers fume at baby doll gaffe during Chelseas tense early labour

EastEnders fans couldn't believe what they were seeing on Monday, as Chelsea suddenly went into labour after fearing for her life in the dramatic Gray Atkins serial killer plot.

After discovering that Gray killed Chantelle, Chelsea wanted to flee from her abusive husband – but went into early labour at just 24 weeks instead after rowing with killer Gray.

But far from being affected by the dramatic scenes, fans were instead left fuming at a gaffe during the intense labour scenes – as, rather than a live baby, show bosses appeared to make use of a baby doll instead.

One bemused viewer even claimed they "had ruptured something" laughing as the plastic doll was pictured on screen, with another claiming it looked like doll from the horror movie Annabelle.

One fan wrote: "That is the worst fake baby doll I’ve ever seen. Looks like one of them alien toys you grew in an egg."

Another blasted: "Sure I saw that doll in the X Files 20 years ago."

And a third commented: "When you’re properly engrossed in the episode then the sh****t fake baby makes you rupture something from laughing. That was shocking"

Fans saw Chelsea go into early labour after being subject to a verbal assault from her abuser husband Gray.

Chelsea had recently tried to flee the country after discovering her new husband murdered his first wife but she was brought back to him by Mitch despite her pleas for help

As murderer Gray verbally laid into Chelsea for trying to escape him – she began to feel pains in her stomach before her water broke and Gray called an ambulance.

Fans saw a terrified Chelsea begging her mum to stay in the delivery room instead of Gray, but she was left with her new killer husband instead.

After giving birth to a son, who she named Jordan after her late brother, the panicked new mum cried: "Is he OK? Excuse me, is he going to be OK? What’s happening?"

The baby had a strong heartbeat and the doctors rushed him into intensive care.

In later scenes, Chelsea stood over baby Jordan with Gray by her side and sent fans into meltdown after she apologised for leaving him.

"I’m sorry for leaving," she told him.

"It all suddenly became real and I got overwhelmed and i got scared. But I should’ve just come to you and spoken to you."

One fan blasted: "I get that #EastEnders likes to cover real issues but we’ve already seen the agonising truth of abusive relationships with Chantelle, shouldn’t EastEnders be encouraging women to speak out by finally showing Gray get caught? How much longer do we have to watch this for."

Another added: "Chelsea apologising just like poor Chantelle used to do, for basically even daring to exist. Someone SAVE her please, before it's too late & Jordan is left totally motherless just like Mack & Mia. Otherwise everything Whitney did was completely pointless."

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