Ellis kills an intruder during a panic attack in Emmerdale?

Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie) has been on edge ever since he was stabbed during a night out in Emmerdale and, as he is about to find himself in the grips of a terrifying panic attack, an intruder in the house causes him to violently lash out with a weapon. But has he accidentally killed someone?

Tensions are high as it seems that villainous Max, who was the catalyst for the stabbing in the first place, has reared his head again and Ellis worries for his safety while Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) tries to get to the bottom of the situation and sort it.

Billy already blames himself for what happened to Ellis after getting wrapped up in Max’s dark world and he is now trying to make amends – but he can’t seem to shake off Max. After Ellis thinks he spots Max, he has a panic attack and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) finds him and tries to reassure him but Ellis flees the scene in terror.

Aaron fills Billy in on what’s happened and Billy puts a call into Max and warns him to stay away from his family but when Max responds by sending a threatening message through, Ellis has another panic attack.

Determined to sort the situation out once and for all, Billy marches round to a property and hammers on the door looking for Max. But when he is told that Max has already left and is looking for him, Billy is horrified and knows that Ellis is in danger.

Back home, Ellis’ panic attack worsens and when he hears a rattling at the back door, his fear reaches new heights and he grabs a rolling pin.

But is is Max at the door and will Ellis go too far and kill him with the weapon, leaving him and Billy with a terrible problem to sort? Or is a completely innocent person about to come face to face with a rolling pin of doom?

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