Emily Atack tells Lorraine that going on Im A Celebrity changed her life

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Emily Atack told Lorraine that going into the I'm A Celebrity jungle "changed my life completely" and says it's one of the best things she's ever done.

The star, 31, was talking to Lorraine about her upcoming new TV show when she mentioned how I'm A Celeb really improved her life for the better.

"I will never get tired of revisiting that in my memory. It was the best decision I've ever made in my life for so many reasons," she said happily.

"Not just career wise, but for myself mentally it changed my life completely. It was the best thing," she insisted.

Emily told Lorraine that before going on the show it felt like people didn't take her seriously: "I think everybody kind of saw me before as just a pinup girl" before joking: "Don't get me wrong I'll still do all that!" as she pretended to pose."

Lorraine agreed: "You're right, it was all blonde hair, boobies, that sort of role that people had to get past."

"Yes!" said Emily. "I had to strip all of that away and be myself."

"I would imagine for anybody going into a show like that. You do have to say to yourself this is a bit of a gamble?" asked Lorraine. "We don't see you 24/7, it's edited so you don't have control over that."

Emily had advice for anyone that might be going to the castle this year: "If you have an agenda or anything like that going on to a show like that, you've got to leave all of that at the door."

"We see through it!" insisted Lorraine. "You were just yourself and that's the great thing."

Emily came second in the 2018 series of the show, narrowly losing out to Harry Redknapp in the jungle.

Following her success she launched a new show called Emily Atack: Adulting, all about turning 30.

She cringed a little when a clip of her pretending to be Lorraine was shown onscreen.

Emily had performed a spoof Love Island audition tape while posing as the presenter.

Fortunately Lorraine saw the funny side, joking: "I was quite surprised. I was shocked because my actual tape for Love Island was a lot more raunchy than that!" as Emily looked relieved.

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