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EMMERDALE fans plead former fan favourite character to be 'written off' amid Paddy Kirk's disappearance.

Friday's episode saw Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) point the finger at Mandy (Lisa Riley) for Paddy (Dominic Brunt) going missing after their one night stand.

But Paddy's father Bear (Joshua Richards) told Chas some home truths about her cheating causing Paddy to run away making it completely her fault.

Fans were left fuming as they also blame Chas for breaking Paddy's heart and demand she leaves the Dales for good.

In the episode, a livid Chas told Mandy that it is her fault if anything bad happens to Paddy after she discovered they spend the night together.

When the police question the family, Chas said Mandy "hurled herself upon him."

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She said: "Yeah, she slept with my husband, in my home, in what used to be my bed – then he goes missing!"

Marlon chimed in: "They were separated, they have been for months."

Mandy added: "Yeah, since Paddy found out she was sleeping with Al Chapman."

A furious Bear lashed out a Chas for being the cause of his son's mental state.

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He yelled: "We all know why Paddy's gone… he wouldn't have looked at her twice [at Mandy] if you hadn't broken his heart.

"You never wanted him even when you had him, and when he finds a little bit of comfort, a woman who actually gives a stuff about him, you shame her when it's you that should be ashamed.

"You took his heart and you smashed it, you made that poor lad's life a misery."

Viewers also blame Chas for Paddy's actions and accuse her of being ignorant to the impact her affair had on her husband.

Taking to Twitter, many of them begged the soap's writers to get rid of Chas all together.

One fan said: "Hurry up and write Chas out will you #Emmerdale Al was the best thing that happened to her until he was killed! Well done Bear for telling her so."

Another wrote: "She was all set 2 f*** off with Al.. she's the reason PADDY  has f***ed off! #emmerdale." 

A third penned: "More Chas feeling sorry for herself no redeeming qualities at all.

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"They most know over at the Dales that there’s no way back for the character and the best thing to do is write her out. #emmerdale."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV.

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