Emmerdale fans fear for Amelia as she makes devastating decision after threat

Emmerdale fans have expressed concern for Amelia (Daisy Campbell) after she made a life-changing decision regarding Lloyd (Matt Sutton).

Lloyd, who was stalking Amelia after discovering her social media profile, is currently in a coma after being attacked by Dan (Liam Fox).

While Dan was informed by Wendy (Susan Cookson) that doctors were thinking about bringing Lloyd out of his coma, Amelia discovered this was far from true.

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During Tuesday's instalment (August 1) of the ITV soap, Lloyd's wife Julie (Emma Stansfield) verbally abused Amelia and accused her of spreading lies about her husband.

Julie revealed that doctors were unsure whether it was safe enough to bring Lloyd out of his coma before vowing to "dig up dirt" on the teenager and make her pay.

Upon leaving, Julie made a chilling threat towards Amelia, saying: "You can't hide behind your mates forever. I'm going to bring you down and I don't care what it takes".

Turning to Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) for advice, Amelia suggested finding something to incriminate Lloyd could end Julie's vendetta against her.

After telling Amelia to get in touch with other influencers who Lloyd could have harassed, Sarah put forward another idea.

"You could claim that Lloyd did assault you. It's what he wanted to do," she said.

Immediately after, Katie realised it was a bad idea and tried to talk Amelia out of it, however it was too late.

"What else can I do?," asked Amelia. "It's not as if this is a big lie. He's a creep and he deserves everything he gets."

After watching the scenes unfold, fans swarmed social media and warned Amelia not to lie to the police.

One person wrote: "Amelia that is not a good idea lying too the police!!!," as a second added: "Amelia that is so going to go wrong".

"And why is Sarah encouraging Amelia to commit perjury?! right that's it?!," commented another viewer.

While a fourth agreed: "Amelia I wouldn’t tell that lie about Lloyd attacking you first as you will get into trouble when they found out you’re lying. (Even tho Lloyd is a b*stard)".

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