Emmerdale fans fear Leannas murder and predict Jacob will be framed after split

Emmerdale viewers think Leanna Cavanagh might be set for a devastating end as her split from fiancé Jacob Gallagher caused theories that the 18-year-old might be killed.

Fans are adamant that they have figured out who Meena Jutla's victim will be this week after Jacob dumped Leanna when the pair were due to be heading off to go travelling.

Just before Leanna's party, Jacob called her over to say he thought they were moving too fast and didn't really know one another.

When Leanna asked if he was trying to ruin her birthday, he said: "I got swept up in it. When I had time to think about it, Leanna, we don't know what we are to each other."

Leanne added: "I can't believe it. You might as well take this back!", as she tried to take her engagement ring off her finger – but Jacob told her to keep it on.

Assumptions flew in that Leanna was going to be the murder victim, which was heightened when she kept the engagement ring, with one user writing: "Well I'm sure that engagement ring will identify her body. They seem to be focusing on it a lot."

Another added: "Will Meena frame it on Jacob? It's a no-brainer. Leanna into the ground and Jacob in prison?"

A third person wrote: "Poor Leanna, it's her that Meena is going to murder isn't it."

Fan theories escalated when Leanna found the stolen collection box in Meena's backpack.

Meena stormed into Leanna's room and when asked why she was there, Meena said: "I'll be out of here in just a sec, but I think you have something of mine.

"The bag, did you take anything else out of the bag? Just put the box back in the bag and give it to me."

As Leanna pulled the box, the collection box fell to the floor – and Meena's secret was revealed.

Leanna said: "What the hell Meena?", but she defiantly denied knowing anything about the collection box.

With the realisation that Jacob hadn't taken the box, Meena looked at Leanna and said: "The bag and everything that is inside, I want it back right now."

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