Emmerdale fans spot blunder as Harriet is locked in the cellar without a toilet

EMMERDALE fans went potty last night as Harriet Finch remained trapped in the cellar without a toilet. 

The vicar persuaded Will Taylor to imprison her in the cellar in Woodbine Cottage to atone for her crimes earlier this week – and tell everyone she’d gone on a retreat. 

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But in last night’s episode, Will regretted going along with Harriet's ludicrous plan and begged her to reconsider. 

Visiting Harriet, he looked concerned as he picked up her dog collar that she’d strewn across the room.

“I just don’t feel worthy of wearing it now,” she told him. 

He replied: “What’s it going to take to change that? This is crazy, Harriet. How long are you intending on staying down here?”

But Harriet made clear she was going nowhere and added: “As long as it takes to refind my faith. When I went into the church I believed I’d found my vocation. I thought it was where I belonged. I deserve to be punished.”

But fans were distracted by the unfortunate fact that the cellar didn’t have a toilet. 

One tweeted: “More to the point, what is Harriet using as a toilet in the cellar?? These storyline are getting stupid now… how about send her on an actual retreat!"

Another added: “If Harriet is staying in the cellar, where is she going to go to the bog (toilet) In a bottle? In a bucket? In the corner ? #emmerdale and is she going to stay in the same clothes?"

A third chimed in: "#Emmerdale how is Harriet going to toilet when she’s permanently in cellar?"

Next week, Will is thrilled when he visits Harriet and sees she’s packed up her belongings ready to leave. 

His joy is short-lived, however, when Kim enters Woodbine and demands to know what’s going on. 

Will sneaks upstairs and pretends he’s just entered from the back door, making up a story about Harriet begging him to take her back and then running off when he rejected her. 

Kim is sympathetic and ends up making a pass at him. 

Will prepares to reject her, but when Kim hears a noise coming from the cellar, Will panics and deflects by suggesting they head upstairs. 

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