Emmerdale fans spot huge gaffe amid Leyla Harding kidnap plot

Fans of Emmerdale followed a huge gaffe on the show, amid Leyla Hardin's dramatic kidnap storyline.

Viewers of the show have been gripped as Leyla was kidnapped by drug dealer Callum after she got arrested, and in one clip from the show, her son Jacob could be seen going out to search for her in a car driven by Suzy.

Jacob and Suzy can be seen deliberating about where to look in the woods, as Suzy said she was told that Callum "uses some sort of shed in the woods".

Jacob then replied: "A shed? In the woods? Cause that doesn't sound dodgy.

"The woods are massive. We'd be walking for miles, it's wasting time."

As they're driving on a country road, Leyla bursts out of the trees just after the car drives past, desperately shouting: "Jacob!"

Callum then runs out behind her and tackles her to the floor, as the back of the car can be seen very close to them, which led fans to question the gaffe, as they wondered how on earth Jacob and Suzy hadn't seen them.

One fan wrote on social media: "Well Suzy, that’s a fail…you didn’t check any of your rear view mirrors once!"

A second said: "Oh ffs she'd have easily seen her in the mirror #Emmerdale."

"As if she missed seeing her in the mirrors #emmerdale also it’s annoying me now like just get this story line over with," said another.

A fourth said: "Who created this episode? Its dreadful. First they don't even see Leyla on the road behind them."

Later, Jacob and Suzy discovered the shed in question and called the police, but one fan of the show didn't find that all that credible either.

"Then they walk not that far of a distance and its suddenly pitch black outside and Jacob and Suzy magically know where to go? Good lord it's laughable."

Having been involved in a plot to destroy Callum's reputation and land him in jail, recovering addict Leyla found her life hanging in the balance when Callum was ultimately let go by police.

He then demanded that she pay him back by transporting a drugs haul for him, but when this didn't go to plan, Leyla soon found herself in even further danger.

As Callum lays plans to flee the Dales, he has already made it clear that he has no intention of letting Leyla go free, even after she promised to not report him to the police.

Fans of the show think that they have worked out Callum's downfall.

Elsewhere in the Dales, fans have become suspicious of Caleb Milligan's motives, as he continues to become involved in a number of different storylines – including Leyla and Callum's.

Tuesday's episode saw Caleb giving Leyla some advice on the Callum situation, prior to him kidnapping her.


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