Emmerdale fans stunned as Priya's rarely-seen daughter Amba returns after years off screen

EMMERDALE fans have been left stunned after Priya's rarely-seen daughter Amba returned after years off screen.

The ITV soap was just one of many programmes which kept young children away from set for their safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

While Amba – who is the daughter of Priya and David Metcalfe – has been mentioned in conversation a number of times over the months, she hasn't been seen on screen for ages.

However, the youngest made a surprise appearance during Tuesday's episode, as she visited her mother after she had suffered horrific burns during the soap's survival week.

Amba was dressed in her blue school uniform and coat as she arrived with Rishi, leaving viewers shocked to see her.

Taking to Twitter, one Emmerdale fan wrote: "Hello Amba Heart for the first time in how many years."

Another added: "There's no way that's Amba."

A third tweeted: "Funk Me is this a new Amber? She's grown."

A fellow viewer was surprised by how much Amba had grown, writing: "What the hell has happened to Amber, another body swapped."

Meanwhile, viewers were left disgusted earlier this week when Priya blamed Ellis Chapman for her burns.

Viewers have seen her struggle to cope with her injuries and tonight she decided she knew who to blame – her boyfriend Ellis.

During a tense exchange at the door she said: "“You’re the last thing I need Ellis. You told me to run so I ran and look what happened. 

“You let me burn, so just go. Get lost. You’ve done enough to me already.”

Emmerdale airs on ITV and is available on ITV Hub.

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