Emmerdale fans work out Caleb Milligans true identity with more sinister motive

Emmerdale fans are convinced they know who Caleb Milligan really is – and why he seems so set on taking Kim Tate down. After a character returned to the ITV soap in recent days, fans were left believing Caleb's hiding his true identity as he continued to grow closer to his neighbours.

Ever since Caleb arrived in the village, Emmerdale fans have been theorising the possible reasons for his appearance and potential revenge plots against his brother Cain.

Tuesday's episode saw Caleb giving Layla advice after she broke down after drug dealer Callum threatened that he'd go after her and her family after finding out she was planning on handing in a video of him dealing drugs to the police.

Caleb encouraged her to not give up and to hand in the footage.

This is not the first time Caleb has insisted on giving the people around him advice, making the villagers and the viewers grow increasingly suspicious of his desire and enthusiasm of wanting to "help" them.

This has led fans to suspect he could have a more sinister motive for wanting to get to know his neighbours.

They took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts of the character, with one person writing: "Caleb's revenge on Cain, is gonna be wild #Emmerdale"

A second person wrote: "Bruh what is up with Caleb talking people into doing stupid things #emmerdale."

A third person added: Why am I getting suspicious of Caleb’s motives talking to Leyla? He was a bit quick on the scene, there #Emmerdale" as another penned: "Will they have us believe Caleb is the caped crusader or spiderman, the dales own superhero #Emmerdale"

One person even believed the storyline could take a supernatural twist as they said: "I think Caleb's a ghost that's haunting everyone #Emmerdale"

However, not everyone seemed to know what to think of him, as one person said: "Ahhh is Caleb dodgy or not! #emmerdale"

Fans are also speculating that Caleb and Alex are brothers, after Caleb answered a mystery phone call last week where he told the person on the other end that he was "reeling" someone in. This theory was further discussed after Alex made an unexpected return to the show last week.

According to viewers, this would also explain why Caleb wants revenge on Kim and Will for holding Alex hostage.

Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson previously revealed that Caleb is hiding a huge secret which viewers are yet to figure out.

She teased: "I can tell you he’s not an undercover cop. There is a secret about Caleb and viewers have not yet guessed it. I've been reading all the theories about who he is like not that one, not that one."


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