Emmerdale tragedy, EastEnders revenge, Corrie betrayal and 17 more soap spoilers

Heart-wrenching moments and jaw-dropping betrayals are at the centre of the soaps, in scenes which are not to be missed, if we do say so ourselves.

EastEnders is home to a number of interesting developments, such as Mick and Linda Carter’s chemistry on display once more (sorry not sorry Janine), while Sam Mitchell’s shocking action leaves Phil Mitchell with a choice to make.

Over in Emmerdale, Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd receive heartbreaking news, while Coronation Street sees Faye Windass make a shock move amid a row with Craig Tinker.

Hollyoaks, meanwhile, is one to watch, as Sienna Blake and Warren Fox’s feud explodes, leaving Liberty Savage’s life on the line in horrifying scenes.

Plus, Norma Crow has an interesting proposition for the lovebirds-turned-enemies, but just what is it?

It’s going to be a truly epic week in soapland, and Metro.co.uk is once again bringing you all the spoilers you could possibly need!

Coronation Street

Audrey’s attention is drawn to the arrival of Claudia and Charles in the hotel dining room. As Claudia rows with Charles, she’s amazed when Ken, Audrey and Rita pop out from where they’ve been eavesdropping. As they comfort Claudia, Rita remembers it was Audrey’s birthday recently. Audrey announces, out of the blue, that she tried to take her own life. A stunned hush descends, broken by the arrival of a waiter with a cake, singing Happy Birthday to Audrey.

Summer calls at the garage to find Aaron nursing a fat lip. Summer quizzes him about his injury, but he snaps. Aaron apologises to Summer and reveals that the person who caused his injuries is his Dad. Aaron explains that his Dad’s an alcoholic and occasionally lashes out. Afterwards, Summer collapses, leaving Aaron in a panic.

Craig asks Faye if he should move back to his mum’s, and Faye tells him to do as he pleases. Later in the week, Faye makes a pass at Michael – but what will he do?


Sam gets ready to leave the Square – that is, until Zack calls her to say he’s found Lewis! Armed with the gun from the Mitchell safe, Sam and Zack drive off to retrieve Lewis. Upon doing so, Sam relays her actions to Phil, who is stunned to find the rapist tied up in the boot of the car!

It’s an emotional day for the Baker/Taylor clan as Avery’s funeral gets underway. Mitch is dismayed when Tara arrives instead of Felix but at the wake, he realises Felix did this for Avery and apologises. Meanwhile, Jay is unimpressed when Stuart is late for the funeral and it gets worse for Stuart as he forgets certain details for the funeral leaving Mitch upset.

Janine thwarts Linda’s karaoke plans for the night but when Mick arrives back from his trip, she realises Mick wants the entertainment. Janine manages to bring the entertainment back but is seething when Mick joins Linda for some karaoke


Charity is hit with a wave of pain. Mackenzie scoops her up in his arms and rushes her to hospital, where she is told that her pregnancy is ectopic. Mackenzie is heartbroken, and he and Charity are left alone to process what’s happened. Charity is grateful for Mackenzie’s support, but it’s evident that Mackenzie isn’t as okay as he’s making out.

Charles is relieved when Naomi agrees to meet to talk things through at the church, but Manpreet later hears an argument – and sees an upset an Naomi storm off. Manpreet is horrified to find Charles lying unconscious. Harriet watches with concern as Manpreet tends to her beau. Naomi, meanwhile, wants to know if Charles is okay, but Manpreet shouts at her to get out, and later compares her actions to those of Meena.

Clemmie’s mood clouds when Lucas innocently takes her toy. Distracted Kim doesn’t notice what’s about to occur. After scratching Lucas, Clemmie burst into tears at Kim’s stern tone. Billy and Dawn arrive in the chaos and Dawn’s left kicking herself for not staying with Clemmie.


Norma is intent on getting Sienna out of the picture in the wake of her attempt on Warren’s life, and thus she enlists the help of an associate named the embalmer! Liberty, however, ends up in the firing line, as Sienna goes to ground, leaving her sister in huge danger, as the embalmer arrives at the flat.

Warren is horrified to learn that Sienna is in huge danger, and therefore he decides to save her. When he bumps into her in the village, however, he comes to realise that it’s Liberty who is facing death, and thus the duo rush back to the flat.

A showdown of epic proportion ensues, as Sienna and Warren face off – their cards firmly on the table. Norma, meanwhile, has a proposition for them both.


Emmerdale’s Mandy is suspicious of Sandra (Picture: ITV)

  • Max impresses Sarah in Coronation Street
  • Jay fires Stuart in EastEnders
  • Jacob gets big news in Emmerdale
  • Cindy is left shaken after the intruder in Hollyoaks
  • Stu sends Yasmeen letters in Coronation Street
  • Mr Lister wants a makeover in EastEnders
  • Mandy is on to Sandra in Emmerdale
  • Donna-Marie has big plans for the Salon De The in Hollyoaks

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