Emmerdales Charity already knows about Mack affair as fans spot revenge plot

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    Emmerdale viewers seem to think Charity Dingle may already be aware of Mackenzie Boyd's secret affair as she moves Chloe Harris into her family home.

    During Friday night's episode, Mackenzie was on tenterhooks when Charity decided that pregnant Chloe should live with her after she revealed that she had nowhere else to go.

    Despite Noah going to jail for stalking Chloe, Charity was insistent that the young mum to be stayed with her and tried to convince her fiancé Mackenzie that it was a good idea.

    But fans seem to think Charity could potential know about Mackenxie's cheating ordeal and is trying to make him "squirm".

    Heading straight to Twitter, one viewer said: "I do still wonder if charity actually knows and is doing this to make him squirm as part of her revenge plot."

    Another said: "I'm sorry this Chloe storyline is stupid. I'm not a Noah hater in fact I like the fact they've shown what prison is meant to do. But no way would Chloe or any victim of abuse would move in with the abuser. Utterly stupid. I do hope charity is playing a game & she knows."

    A third penned: "Charity is willing to kick Noah her own son out of his own home for Chloe a practical stranger!! Why??? This just doesn’t add up unless she knows and she’s doing this for her own benefit in seeking revenge."

    Referring to the scene where Charity poured Mackenzie's drink away, another fan added: "Charity I’d if poured that over him!!! Surely she knows something…."

    During Friday's episode, Charity became engulfed with rage when a guilty Mackenzie reminded her of her poor parenting skills, telling her that it was a bad idea for Noah to leave the house to ensure Chloe had a place to stay.

    Disgusted with his take, Charity later told Mackenzie that he should leave the family home.

    In a surprising turn of events, Charity kicked Mackenzie out, leaving him with no place to go.

    But viewers will have to wait and see whether the landlady will change her mind.

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