Emmerdales Charity set for death horror, Paddy blackmail plot and double exit

Emmerdale viewers best prepare themselves for a bumpy ride ahead, as Emmerdale spoilers reveal that things are set to become tempestuous next week.

After an unexpected intruder breaks into the Woolpack, Charity Dingle becomes the victim of assault when she tries to prevent the trespasser from stealing cash.

But from the looks of what happens next, Charity ends up fighting for her life.

Elsewhere Paddy Dingle is in a rather desperate situation and asks Kim Tate to lend him a hand. But after they have a successful go at doping horses, will Kim be able to convince Paddy to make it a regular occurrence?

Meanwhile, Gabby Thomas has plans to elope with Jamie Tate. However, will she finally see that Jamie doesn't exactly feel the same way about her?

Charity death horror

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Chas Dingle is left rather unimpressed when the Woolpack electrics suddenly cuts out, but she is totally unaware that someone has deliberately disconnected the external mains cable in the pub.

Running out of options on how to fix the problem themselves, Chas and Marlon Dingle are left with no other choice but to close the Woolpack for the day.

Later on, a hooded figure breaks into the pub and proceeds to open the till with a crowbar and pockets the money.

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Charity- who is also in the pub at the same time- is knocked over when she catches the intruder but the culprit manages to get away unscathed.

However, on the other hand, things are not looking bad for Charity as she is left unconscious in a pool of blood.

Not long after, while on Main Street, Chas reels as she witnesses a semi-conscious Charity being taken off to hospital in the back of an ambulance.

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White at the hospital an evidently distraught Chas tells Paddy that the medical staff has informed her that Charity has a bleed on the brain.

Feeling overwhelmed with emotion, Chas breaks down as she desperately hopes Charity can pull through after her assault.

The following day, PC Swirling arrives to investigate the pub robbery and it's not long before he becomes very suspicious.

Will he discover who committed the crime?

Paddy blackmail

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Paddy can’t believe his luck when his best mate Marlon not only accepts Al Chapman as a potential investor in the woolpack but offers to sell him his entire stake.

Desperate for things to work out, Paddy has nowhere else to turn and finds himself outside Home Farm asking for Kim Tate's help to get rid of Al.

Paddy seems to have gone to the right person, as Kim is also interested in getting Al out of HOP but would need Paddy to sweeten the deal for her.

Later on, when a horse breeder tries to low-ball Kim over the value of her new stallion, she quickly realises that she can make use of Paddy’s desperation ahead of a crucial race.

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With this in mind, Kim offers an eager Paddy a Faustian pact. She then tells Paddy to dope her race horse for the money to keep Al out of the Woolpack.

Kim's plans don't take long to come into fruition as Paddy turns up at Home Farm to sell his soul by agreeing to dope her horse.

While in a layby located near the racecourse, a nervous Paddy is backed further into a corner when Kim informs him that his problems could become worse if her doped horse doesn’t actually win its race.

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Stressed out by Kim's warning, Paddy listens in to the horse race with high hopes that Kim’s horse wins.

Thankfully for Paddy, Kim's horse does end up winning the race and he is relieved when Kim returns to the layby, with an envelope of cash.

But due to the fact that things went so smoothly the first time, will Paddy be able to resist Kim’s offer to make this a regular assignment?

Double exit

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Gabby Thomas and Jamie King's relationship has been fairly turbulent for some time now but next week the young lass will present Jamie with a now-or-never ultimatum.

Pregnant Gabby has drastic plans to elope and marry Jamie immediately but she’s alarmed when she discovers that he leaves abruptly.

Desperate, Jamie heads to Dawn Woods where he starts to dangle the fantasy of them both running away from their problems.

But even though Dawn softens to his advances, when Jamie tells her to follow her heart, she’s left rather torn.

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Elsewhere Gabby’s secret plans are uncovered when Diane Sugden finds out what she's up to.

But Diane isn't happy about Gabby's schemes and pleas for her to abandon her plans. l

Shaken but still very determined for things to work out, Gabby desperately tries to get hold of Jamie on the phone. Unable to reach him, she ends up grabbing her bags and heads out of Home Farm on a mission.

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While on her way, Gabby leaves a message telling Jamie to meet her on a lane outside the village so they can hopefully elope together.

Feeling anxious Gabby waits in her parked car on a country road for Jamie. She then calls him and he promises her that he is on his way. But is Jamie telling the truth?

Not long after Diane and Kim find Gabby on the country road and pull up next to Gabby’s parked car.

Kim and Diane plead with Gabby to see sense and call off the wedding to a man who doesn’t love her. Hearing what the two ladies have to say, Gabby makes a phone call. But has she called off her plans?

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