Emmerdale's Paige Sandhu says anxiety left her unable to leave home

Emmerdale star Paige Sandhu has opened up about her experiences with anxiety.

Paige, most known for playing Meena Jutla in the ITV soap, developed the mental health problem after leaving London’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

The actress’ anxiety levels were sometimes so high, she was unable to leave her home as she didn’t feel particularly safe.

‘I felt unsafe a lot. Not like someone was going to attack me. I just didn’t feel comfortable, especially around people that I didn’t know’, the star explained to Fabulous Magazine.

‘It was probably social anxiety, fear of judgement and fear about the future. When I left drama school, I moved back with my family and I became quite reclusive.

‘I didn’t leave the house a lot, I had terrible insomnia and suffered from food allergies and intolerances.’

As Paige’s acting career took off, she had therapy and developed coping mechanisms to help her anxiety levels.

‘I read self-help books, had therapy and went to a nutritionist’, she continued to the publication.

‘I’m so grateful for that time now, because I taught myself how to really take care of my emotions and my mental health.’

Paige’s character Meena is currently in prison and this week, she’ll face a plea hearing after murdering Leanna, Ben and Andrea.

Meena’s victims are praying she’ll plead guilty to all of her crimes, but this is Meena we’re talking about, a serial killer who loves attention – things aren’t exactly going to be straight forward.

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