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LOVERS are bound to quarrel this week in Albert Square as Jay Brown is accused of cheating on his wife Lola Pearce.

Meanwhile, another EastEnders favourite faces another stay behind bars. Here's what you need to know about this week's drama.

1. Jay caught with another woman

Diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, Lola Pearce has been adamant on living her life to the fullest – but she gets a devastating blow this week.

The hairdresser played by Danielle Harold is a growing cause for concern for both her husband Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and her daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown).

Lola zones out, which only reinforces their worries, but she categorically refuses to get checked out.

Instead, she pours all of her energy into a brain tumour awareness fundraiser until she zones out again.

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This time, Jay insists they go to hospital and tries to convince Lola to get a counsellor for Lexi but, once again, she refuses, adamant on supporting her daughter herself.

Jay eventually convinces Lola to relent and counselling is arranged for Lexi – until Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) arrives.

The mechanic is left frustrated when Emma undoes all his good work but she reveals she came to Albert Square out of worry after Lexi called her.

Lola is concerned that Emma secretly gave Lexi her number and encouraged her to lie, but she can't stay mad at her long-lost mother for very long… Unlike Jay.

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The latter is fuming when Lola cancels the counsellor appointment after Emma voices her opinion.

Emma and Jay soon butt heads over their different approaches to Lola's condition.

While Emma wants him to stop being so over-protective, Jay is determined to push Lola to put her feet up and he's soon proven his approach may be the best one yet.

After they convince Jay to go out and relax with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and his husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay), Emma and Lola head to the hospital, where the doctor has some worrying news.

Upon their return, and despite Lola's wishes, Emma goes to fetch Jay whom she finds in the company of a woman named Shanti.

The latter bumps into Jay and strikes up a conversation with him whilst out on a hen night she isn't enjoying.

Unfortunately, Emma gets the wrong idea when she walks in and sees them being too close for comfort.

In later scenes, Jay is shocked to arrive home to a furious Lola who tells him that Emma saw him with Shanti and he needs to get out.

Things later go from bad to worse when Jay is shocked to hear Lola is having an MRI without him ever being in the loop.

This leads to Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) recommending that he go to the hospital to support Lola and she even decides to tag along to distract the latter's mother Emma Harding.

2. Stacey faces return to prison

Money has become Stacey Slater's main priority after her family encountered many mishaps and her daughter Lily was said to be pregnant at only twelve years old.

As she tries to keep her bap business afloat, the matriarch played by Lacey Turner also turned to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) in the hopes she could get a job in The Vic, to no avail.

Eventually, her mother Jean (Gillian Wright) managed to find her some cleaning work – and Stacey jumped on an opportunity to make some VERY quick (and illegal) cash.

There's calamity at the Slaters' when the fridge breaks down but Stacey isn't fussed as she has money to spare.

Jean is immediately suspicious and demands to know if Stacey stole it but she denies it all – until Lily (Lillia Turner) gets into a fight at school.

While splashing some cash may bring her extra relief, Stacey realises she could lose her children if she was ever caught.

This prompts her to do the right thing and she asks for Jean's help to return the money by distracting the security guard, Alan.

But nothing goes according to plan and, in later scenes, Callum Highway (Tony Clay) approaches Stacey and asks her to go to the station the following day to explain herself.

Worried, Stacey prepares herself to go to the police station and is terrified she could be headed back to prison which would mean she'd miss Lily's prizegiving later that same day.

During her interview, Stacey denies stealing the money as Callum questions her but will he believe her?

3. Fan favourite returns

Meanwhile, Kat Slater (portrayed by Jessie Wallace) decides to give Stacey a hand.

In scenes airing on BBC One, the owner of Kat's Cabs announces she'll be using Mitchell money to solve all their troubles.

As viewers of the London-based drama will remember, Kat is romantically involved with Walford tough man Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who is at the head of a vast criminal empire.

Unfortunately, proud and stubborn Stacey categorically refuses Kat's help and a row between both women ensues.

Later on, Jean tries to broker peace between Kat and Stacey but fails.

However, another character can get through to Stacey – her former husband Martin Fowler.

Actor James Bye returns to our screens next week after his character's stay in Turkey.

Fans of the long running drama will remember that the market trader left the Square in an attempt to raise money for his family abroad – and his trip is seemingly successful.

In later scenes, Martin returns home flush with cash and ready to counsel a headstrong Stacey.

He is able to make her see that refusing Kat's help isn't in her best interest and she agrees to apologise.

But just as it looks like Martin was able to get through to Stacey and a truce is called between the warring women, it all kicks off again.

Can Martin be of any help?


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4. Whitney lashes out

After finding out she was pregnant, the result of a one night stand with Zack Hudson, Whitney Dean was ready to be the best mother she could be for her unborn baby.

Soon enough, the market trader portrayed by Shona McGarty received Zack's (James Farrar) support, despite his own health struggles.

Sadly, Whitney's baby presented troubling symptoms and she was soon told that the foetus was suffering from Edwards' syndrome which would affect it severely before, during and after birth.

Whitney thus chose to terminate her pregnancy but she got another devastating blow when she was told her baby, Peach, was not legally recognised.

The turmoil continues this week as Whitney's grief gets the best of her during her first day back on the market.

To make matters worse for Whitney, Mother's Day is the big topic of discussion in Albert Square.

Whitney keeps busy, which does her some good, but a call to say Peach's ashes are ready to collect bursts her bubble.

Later on, Zack tries to talk to her but Whit can't handle it and, instead of letting him speak, she rushes off blaming everyone for making her go back to work too soon.

Once he manages to catch up with her, Whitney insists she's not ready to say goodbye to Peach.

Later on, Zack tries to talk to Whitney again only, this time, he wants to suggest a memorial, but she's evasive.

The pair then agree to pick up their daughter's ashes together until Whitney sees her pregnant niece Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) have a health scare and she ditches Zack.

Whitney takes Lily back to her home but goes completely over the top about protecting Lily's unborn baby and a row ensues.

Meanwhile, Zack also struggles with his emotions as he sits with Peach's ashes and, when he spots a distraught Whitney, he calls her out on her decision to leave him alone to do the tragic task.

Will Whitney and Zack find a way to support each other through their ordeal?

5. Ravi takes action

Denise Fox (portrayed by Diane Parish) was floored to find out the copper played by Scott Maslen was investigating Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) with whom she's shared more than friendly greetings in the Square.

Once he found out about Jack's plans against him, the thug chose to blackmail Denise into getting him information on the case his enemy is building against him.

Coming up in Albert Square, Denise crumbles under pressure while she contemplates breaking into Jack's laptop to get everything Ravi needs.

But when she's ready to do the deed, she's stopped in her tracks by a phone call informing her that Amy Mitchell has been in a fight at school.

Later on, she seeks Ravi out and calls his bluff, telling him she won't betray Jack and defiantly asking him to do his worst.

She's then consoled by her unaware sister Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) as she goes on a guilt trip about letting Jack and the family down.

Once she turns his back on him, Ravi decides that he'll need to do the dirty work himself and he prepares to break into the Branning house to search for the information he needs.

But just as he gets ready for the job, he's interrupted by Denise's daughter Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) and the pair share a flirty exchange.

When Chelsea leaves to see to her son Jordan, Ravi seizes the opportunity to snoop – until Denise and Jack arrive home with Keanu Taylor in tow.

Will Ravi's plan be uncovered?

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