Four in a Bed hosts slam nit picking as all guests refuse return

Hosts upset at receiving three no’s on Four in a Bed

In a classic episode of Four in a Bed, The Lazy Pug hosts Ash and Rosie were there to meet and greet their guests at their quirky pub and hotel. Whilst the couple were confident their hotel would hit top marks, the three groups of guests were left disappointed and all decided they would not return.

First to arrive at the hotel was Lorraine and Kate, who were staying in the Dance Suite which was £120 per night.

Inspecting their room, Kate ran her finger around the neon sign and exclaimed: “Oh there it is the dust. Pretty but not practical.”

The pair were mostly impressed with the bathroom and headed back out into the main area for one last glance about.

Kate expressed: “Oh my god, I am guessing they are not your socks,” as she pulled a pair out from behind the chair.

Lorraine said: “That shouldn’t have been missed. I am disappointed.”

Second, to arrive was Phil who entered the competition by himself, staying in the World Room which was £100 per night.

Taking a look around his room, he looked at the bed, mattress and bedding and said: “This is nicely ironed. I love that.”

However, the walls weren’t up to scratch with Phil as he noted: “It’s a shame about this really, I don’t like this wood. It doesn’t feel clean and hygienic to me.”

Last to turn up was Anthony and Tom who were staying in the Lazy Pug Suite which was £140 per night.

Making sure the standards were up to their expectations, they too looked at the bedding and expressed: “Well ironed, can’t fault it really.”

After a decent night’s sleep and being averagely happy with the breakfast, it was time for the guests to give their feedback.

All three gave the hosts a score of 10 out of 10, however, the same couldn’t be said for their ratings of the facilities.

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Lorraine and Kate awarded them a five and commented: “Dirty glass and spoon. Dust issues around the toilet and neon light. Dusty sock by the chair, shame.”

Phil scored a six and commented: “Wood in the bedroom unfinished. Wood in toilet is unhygienic and probably dangerous to kids.”

Anthony and Tom marked it as a seven and commented: “Not my cup of tea. Neon lights too bright and offensive.”

All three groups expressed they would not return to their hotel, leaving Ash to exclaim: “More than enough facilities.

“I would not say offensive, and they are neon lights, they are neon and bright what do you expect? They are slightly old-fashioned comments.

“I am really disappointed with that. Genuinely gutted.”

Rosie added: “A little bit dramatic and a little bit nit-picky. I can’t believe we have three no’s, perhaps we have been a little bit naïve.

“We actually thought everyone was friends with us but we need to take this more seriously, it is a competition.”

Four in a Bed airs weekdays from 5pm on Channel 4.

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