Game of Thrones: What was Kit Harington’s reaction to finale table read?

Kit Harington’s reaction to the Game of Thrones finale, The Iron Throne, has gained a lot of attention among HBO and Sky Atlantic viewers. In a two-hour-long documentary special, The Last Watch, Harington and his Game of Thrones castmates gathered to go through the final ever episode at a table read and the Jon Snow actor couldn’t hide his emotions as he read aloud his and Emilia Clarke’s final moments. Here’s how Harington reacted to the Game of Thrones finale.

What was Kit Harington’s reaction to Game of Thrones finale?

Game of Thrones’ final table read evoked plenty of emotion from the series’ cast, in particular, Kit Harington.

Harington listened as co-executive producer Bryan Cogman read aloud his characters and Daenerys Targaryen’s (played by Clarke) final scene.

The GoT producer said: “Standing before the Iron Throne, Dany steps forward and kisses the man she loves, the perfect kiss.

“Their eyes closed, his hand behind her head her hand on his cheek. Dany’s eyes open suddenly and she draws a sharp breath.”

It’s at this point Harrington’s shock becomes evident as he took a deep breath and fell back in his seat.

Harington then proceeded to listen Cogman read the rest of the scene wide-mouthed, gripped to the script.

Cogman continued: “Jon’s eyes open as well, already filling with tears. For a moment, neither moves as if moving will make this real.”

The Jon Snow actor then held his head in his hands as the fact he would be the one to kill Daenerys is revealed.

The table read added: “We see Jon with his hand still on the hilt of the dagger he just lodged in Dany’s heart.”

After this quote, Harington rocked back in his chair with his hand clasped over his mouth.

Game of Thrones cast members Sophie Turner and Rory McCann, who play Sansa Stark and The Hound respectively, giggle at their co-star for his reaction.

The table read for the finale didn’t end there as Cogman continued to read aloud: “Her strength leaver and she collapses to the marble.”

Harington then stared at Clarke who was sitting across the table from his who let out a sigh of exasperation at the fact Daenerys would die.

Clarke slumped into her chair as if scared at what she and Harington had just heard.

The final moments are then said by Cogman: “He keeps her in his arms and she falls, kneeling down to the floor beside her.

“He looks down at what he’s done – terrible and necessary. End of Game of Thrones”

By the end of the read, Harington looked emotionally drained and was clearly tearful as he applauded his character’s final moments with Daenerys.

On-screen, the finale scene between Jon Snow and Dany was equally as emotional.

While the Game of Thrones season eight finale was met with a mixed reception, the characters’ final moments together emerged as one of the most memorable.

Despite the seemingly definitive end for the characters, a number of questions remain, such as where Drogon took Daenerys’ body.

Fans were also left wondering where Jon Snow went at the end of the episode and whether or not it meant he was a Wildling now.

Game of Thrones fans will have to wait for George RR Martin to finish the books on which the HBO series is based on to see if their questions are answered.

Game of Thrones season 8 is available to stream now on NOW TV.

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