Gardeners World star Monty Don issues stark warning over potatoes: Do not eat!

Monty Don warns never eat the green part of potatoes

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Monty, 66, was on hand to host another episode of Gardeners’ World on Friday evening and got down to informing viewers on how best to look after the produce in their gardens. One of the topics which cropped up at the end of the BBC programme was how to best care for potatoes and when was the right time to harvest them. However, the gardening expert offered his expertise on when not to eat the starchy vegetable and issued a warning to those watching at home.

Following a pre-recorded video, Monty said: “I do so agree with the need to experiment, to try things out and even play a bit in the garden.

“But something I have stopped experimenting with because I know I like it and it works is growing first to second early potatoes I can harvest in July.

“I often grow the same variety which is Charlotte [potatoes] which is a second early and second early potatoes sort of fall between the gap of new potatoes and main crop.

“They ripen in about 90 days whereas earlies are about 80 days and the main crop about 100,” the gardening expert shared.

“Now, you can see that the foliage is looking pretty tragic and this has happened over the last week or so,” he explained, pointing at the green shrubs on top of the produce.

“What it does mean is that they’re not going to go on growing anymore and it’s high time that they were harvested,” Monty added.

“And when you’re growing potatoes, it’s good to focus on the watering and the time to water potatoes is when they come into flower.

“Don’t harvest them before then. When you see the flowers, give them a really good soak and that will swell out the tubers.

“And then, really anytime after that, you can harvest them. As soon as you start to see the foliage die, it’s a good idea to dig them up if they’re first or second earlies.”

Do not eat the green part

Monty Don

“But the main crop can stay in the ground for months if need be,” he continued before starting to give warning to viewers about what to do with the potatoes once harvested.

“I planted these not in ridges or rows but simply by making a hole with a trowel and popping them in the ground in a grid fairly close together.

“Now with potatoes, the further apart they are, the bigger the potatoes will be and I would expect quite a few quite small potatoes as a result.”

Monty began digging the potatoes and saw some decent size ones, telling viewers they could eat them straight out of the ground or they could store them for up to four months.

However, Monty discovered one of the tuber potatoes had some green on the top of it and here’s where the warning came.

The presenter said: “The green means it’s been exposed to light which is one of the reasons you earth up potatoes.

“And when the tuber is exposed to light, it reacts and it creates a toxin so do not eat the green part of a potato.

“Cut it off and put it in the compost heap,” the gardening expert said as he instructed those watching at home.

Taking to Twitter, viewers reacted to all the talk of growing and eating potatoes, with one writing: “I’ve got loads of #potatoes to dig up, #monty didn’t say how to store them though #gardenersworld.”

Another posted: “Potatoes were a disaster this year. Just a couple of decent-sized spuds per plant #GardenersWorld.”

Whilst a third remarked: “I agree with Monty (oops) #shoutyhalfhour Charlotte potatoes are fab #GardenersWorld.”

“Sat and watched a whole episode of #GardenersWorld which probably makes me very late to this particular party. How soothing is Monty Don’s voice?” a fourth shared.

Gardeners’ World continues Friday at 7pm on BBC One.

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