GB News guest left with head in hand over woke policing of M25 protests Irritating!

M25 protests are a policing 'PR disaster' claims expert

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Colin Brazier invited actor Tim Stanley onto his Thursday GB News programme to discuss the recent disruption caused by Insulate Britain’s M25 protests. After watching footage of the police “facilitating” the demonstration, Tim branded the law enforcers as “woke” as he held his head in his hands over the way the protest was policed. 

Colin questioned: “Tim, whatever happened to common sense when you see those protesters being given whatever they need really as they proceeded to block the busiest motorway in Britain? You’re left scratching your head.”

“It looks terrible but let me say a word in the defence of the police,” Tim began.

“It’s a difficult situation because there’s a health and safety element to it because it’s a road. 

“The police have a responsibility to handle and clear the protesters but they also have a responsibility to guarantee that no one’s hurt.”

“The second thing is there have been changes in police tactics some of which were necessary,” he continued.

“The best way to clear people isn’t necessarily to approach them in an aggressive way sometimes a polite way is the best to go about it.

“I get all of that but the problem is if you stand back from the situation you have a group of people taking the public hostage by their action.

“And you have the police acting in a way that’s so kind and thoughtful and helpful but it starts to look like facilitation of the protest.”

“Again, slightly in defence of the police a part of the problem is the nature of the law and the lack of clarity over what comes first the right to protest or the right of people to use that road,” Tim explained.

“What the Government is trying to do with this legislation is balance that so there’s a great priority on people’s right to use that road.

“I think this is a pr disaster for the police I think they’ve got to go away and rethink their tactics.

“While as I said I understand why they’re trying to handle protests in a certain way, they’ve got to understand that this plus the diversity and equality woke group they’re into plus the various arrests they’ve carried out or investigations they’ve carried out into hate crimes that look really dubious, they’re starting to irritate and lose the patience of the public.”

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