GBBO star shares show gossip – including judge Paul Hollywood ruining cakes

A former Great British Bake Off contestant has revealed a series of behind the scenes secrets – including how Paul Hollywood 'ruins' cakes.

Jamie Finn took part in the hit culinary show in 2019 and has now given a tell-all account of his experience taking part in the competition.

The student and Arctic coffee promoter opened up telling all about the details that go into creating the programme.

Jamie was popular with the viewers – but found himself given the boot in week two, after narrowly escaping a week one elimination when he forgot to put eggs into his showstopper, coming last in the technical round.

He came last in technical again when making biscuits in week two which saw him axed from the show, with Paul and Prue playing a part in his demise.

He explained: “You’ve got a million things going on in your head and normally at that point you’re told Paul and Prue are going to come over and speak to you.

“I was a bit nervous and didn't want to be doing anything too complicated so I could pay attention to them. In the end, I thought, ‘I’ll just mix my cake batter, that will be easy but I was wrong.

“While I was talking to them I was distracted and forgot to put my eggs in the mix. Then when it came out like cement I couldn’t work out why."

But Jamie didn't hold any grudges and said he blamed himself more than the judging duo.

He said: “It was just a silly mistake and was my fault. It was probably everything going on and a little bit of nerves.”

Speaking about what goes into filming the show he admitted that there are “loads of cameras everywhere” and explained how the production staff are "very clever” so they "never miss a moment."

Jamie revealed how he estimates that there is a minimum of eight people filming you at all times and how they have hand held as well as fixed cameras to capture every moment.

He said: “If you’re about to bring out your cake they will send someone over just in case it cracks because it’s funny to watch.

“The team asks you to let them know when you’re about to do it but even if you try to do it secretly, the cameramen are so on the ball and will catch you out.

“You’ve got to be a good sport, these are very human moments. It’s so relatable because everyone’s dropped a biscuit on the floor or made rubbish icing.”

The former hopeful also confessed that they are "bugged" so that all their conversations can be heard

He explained: “You always have your mic on so I imagine if you say something like, ‘Oh crap! What’s going on here!’ someone will hear it in the backroom.

“I’m sure they then tell the cameramen to race over to that person to catch that funny shot. They are professionals and those moments make the show more entertaining.”

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