Gentleman Jack: Anne Lister’s intimate moment mirrors pig scene leaving viewers stunned

Sally Wainwright’s BBC period drama Gentleman Jack has been a big success with fans and the series has already been picked up for a second season.

The period drama follows the real-life story of the first modern lesbian Anne Lister (played by Suranne Jones) and tonight the BBC aired the third episode in the six part series.

In tonight’s show, Lister confided in her hopes for a future with Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) to her aunt and the Rawson brothers raised their efforts to defeat Lister in the coal business.

However one scene which showed Anne and Ann getting intimate was cut with segments of a different scene showing a pig eating a body leaving viewers horrified. 

As it became clear what the pigs were about to do, one viewer tweeted with an angry face emoji: “The pigs are gonna eat him #GentlemanJack.”

#GentlemanJack Pleased the pigs got a meal, but did we really have to have That Scene interrupted in such a disgusting way??” said another.

A third added: “#GentlemanJack just went dark. Note to self never go out with a pig farmer and always wear bloomers.”

Other viewers enjoyed the scenes as one fan noted: Interspersing their scenes with images of a pig eating a dead body kept me on my toes. #gentlemanjack.”

#GentlemanJack so satisfying tonight: our ladies got it on finally & a violent domestic abuser got eaten by pigs. Result,” remarked a second.

“Nothing says relaxing Sunday night more than lesbian sex and a man being eaten by a pig. Tomorrow’s water cooler office chat. Thoroughly loving #GentlemanJack,” exclaimed a third.

After the series was recommissioned Wainwright revealed in a BBC statement that she was “utterly delighted” with the decision.

She confessed: “It’s so exciting that so many people have had such a positive response to Suranne’s exuberant performance as the brilliant, life-affirming Anne Lister and to Sophie’s beautiful performance as her courageous partner, Ann Walker.

“I’m utterly delighted that we’ve been recommissioned, because there are so many more big, bold stories to tell about Anne Lister and Ann Walker. 

A massive thank you to the BBC and HBO and to everyone at Lookout Point.”

Jones added that she was “thrilled” with the news and was excited to start work on the new series.

She remarked: “I’m so thrilled that I will be joining Sally Wainwright on the second part of Anne’s journey. 

“We always dreamed there would be more and now we get to play it all out.”

Meanwhile, some viewers were divided with one filming technique being used in the show. 

During the series, Anne can be seen breaking the fourth wall by turning to the camera to speak directly to the audience.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to comment with some praising the technique and others slamming it. 

Gentleman Jack continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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