Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan slams Channel 5 for TV show that 'trolled' Charlotte Crosby's 'natural face'

GEORDIE Shore's Holly Hagan has slammed Channel 5 for their TV show that "trolled" Charlotte Crosby's "natural face".

The 28-year-old star leaped to her pal's defence after being left horrified while watching: Celebrities: What's Happened To Your Face? last night.

The loyal friend wrote on her Instagram Story: "Are you f***ing sure @Channel5_TV, these are human beings and you've dedicated a show to picking apart their faces. For what reason exactly?"

She then filmed the programme as it analysed Charlotte's face, which saw a cosmetic surgeon accuse Charlotte of having filler in her cheeks.

Holly wrote: "She's never had cheek filler in her life. She's been totally honest about everything she's had done."

Another expert then criticised how the filler looked, with Holly seething: "This guy is now slagging off her natural cheek structure and telling her it needs to be pushed up.

"Her normal cheek is 'a bit of a shame'? Are you f***ing ok? You both should be struck off.

"You cannot sit and tell the world someone has had a procedure done and dissect it when they haven't!!!!"

She then quoted the pro as she faced the camera, saying :"'They've ignored the eye area, which is a bit of a shame'.

"But she's had nothing done? That's her cheek and eyes!!! So you're now saying there's something wrong with her NATURAL FEATURES!!!

"How dare you allow people to sit and dissect people's faces without knowing the facts."

Holly added: "Now you're telling her and perpetuating the idea that she now has to have something done to her cheeks and her undereye because you're saying her natural cheek and undereye – there's something wrong with it.

"How dare you? How dare you?!"

Channel 5 and MTV, which airs Holly and Charlotte's show Geordie Shore, are both owned by umbrella company Viacom – and Holly said that she's "mortified" to be associated with the company.

She ranted: "You should be f***ing ashamed of yourselves for having a TV show like this.

"Is 'Be Kind' just a front? They'll probably call up and ask if Charlotte wants a psych chat in the morning.

"The girl who brought MTV and Viacom so many successful TV shows, you want to allow people to do this to her. So wrong."

Holly was further angered when the show referred to Charlotte as "rubber lipped", and that her cheeks look like "golf balls".

She said: "So Channel 5 are just allowing casual trolling now.

"That's a human being, someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's best friend. Someone who has to read and hear those things about themselves.

"Do f***ing better."

Highlighting one of the doctors saying that Charlotte "quite obviously looks not beautiful any more, but just very plastic", Holly retorted: "Sorry doc, but I don't think you get to decide if another woman is beautiful or not.

"Beauty comes from within and will radiate out regardless of what your face or body looks like because it comes from your soul.

"You could only wish to have the heart and soul of Charlotte, who unapologetically bares all to the world and has made people all around the world laugh and smile just by being herself. THAT is beauty."

Holly then urged her followers to complain to Ofcom about the programme, including a link to do so on her social media channel.

She wrote: "I'm sick of shows like this, I don't want to bring children up in a world where it's okay to troll and bully people on a major TV channel and pick apart their appearance for entertainment."

Charlotte was moved by her friend's passionate posts, resharing one of them to her own Instagram Story and writing: "I'm not crying you are.

"Very lucky to have such amazing besties."

The star has openly confessed to having lip fillers and a nose job in the past, admitting that her nose caused her to have a "lack of confidence" when she first shot to fame.

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