Gillian McKeiths Im A Celeb spicy knickers are the twist nobody saw coming

Gillian McKeith once again proved why she is the true queen of contraband in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle as she unpacked her “spicy knickers” and revealed the extent of just how much she had snuck past producers into camp.

Ingeniously stashing the items in a series of layered knickers kitted out with pockets she had installed by hand, Gillian began to unpack the items before her astonished camp mates, in a twist that fans at home did not see coming in the slightest.

Pulling each item out one by one, Gillian revealed she had been carrying around almonds, an entire salt shaker stored in a condom, soy sauce packets, soup mix and even a slew of other herbs, spices and seasonings to help make the basic food more palatable.

Judging by the expressions of her campmates, even her fellow celebrities were astonished by everything Gillian had hidden – and fans at home were equally baffled by the sheer volume of products the nutritionist had hidden in her own self-titled “spicy knickers.”

“Why does Gillian have 3 aisles of Tesco in her knickers,” quipped one viewer during Friday night's episode.

A second weighed in by adding: “Gillian is such a rebel , hiding things in her bra and knickers."

Before a third commented: “Christ Gillian’s knickers look like the herb and spices section at my local Sainsbury’s.”

A fourth fan then wrote: “Gillian I've just watched you on tv, pulling out of your knickers 5 kilograms of food & stuff, you're a LEGEND! Surely you must win the contest.”

Not everyone was quite so impressed however, with several feeling Gillian had broken one too many rules to get away with it.

“After Gillian's spicy knickers I think she should be sent home and the others saved from the survival trial,” argued one fan.

A second also questioned how the producers hadn’t checked the stars before they entered the jungle, especially as Gillian had done the exact same thing during her last stint in the jungle.

They wrote: “Did it not occur to the #imaceleb producers to search Gillian’s knickers before she went into camp after she pulled the exact same trick the first time?!?!?!”

A handful of fans also couldn’t get their head around the idea of eating anything out of someone’s knickers, much less Gillian McKeith’s.

“The thing is, would you want to use stuff that had been in Gillian’s knickers?!! Lol!” Wrote one viewer.

Another agreed adding: “I’d rather not eat spices from Gillian’s knickers that’s a bush tucker trial on it’s own.”

With a third fan also echoing the same sentiment as they penned: "I’d rather eat bland food than spices from Gillian’s knickers thank you very much.”

Unfortunately, Gillian then became one of the first celebrities to leave the All Stars series on Friday night as she and Shaun Ryder came last in a challenge against two other pairs.

I'm a Celebrity… South Africa airs tonight at 9pm on ITV and ITVX.


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