GMB viewers in uproar over bizarre weeing in the sea debate: WTF is this nonsense?

GMB: Kerry Katona clashes with guest over see urination

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Good Morning Britain presenters Kate Garraway, 53, and Ranvir Singh, 44, started the show by telling viewers they were going to be talking about weeing in the sea. The debate arose after Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, 52, spoke to the programme about the subject and said “if fish can do it, what’s wrong with us doing it?” To join the discussion, the hosts welcomed television reality star Kerry Katona, 40, and Popular Culture expert Nick Ede but those watching at home were outraged by what they were witnessing unfold on the ITV show.

Kerry made her views very clear on the subject as she told the show: “What I’m more concerned about is, say my little girl is in the sea, swimming and someone is stood next to her and starts peeing.

“I think that is really, really dirty and disgusting. We’re polluting the world as it is and polluting oceans as it is.

“Going in the sea and having a wee when it takes you two minutes to go over and have a wee in a toilet [is shocking].

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it as a kid but as an adult, it’s something I really frown upon. I don’t want to be in the sea and have someone stood next to me having a wee.”

Nick offered his side to the argument as he said: “I don’t think it’s lazy and I don’t think it’s dirty, it’s just something you do.”

“Because actually, you’re just caught off guard or it could be really cold and it warms you up for a few seconds,” he continued as he listed the benefits.

“But the main thing is it’s completely harmless and the sea is completely full of wee from other fish and organisms.

“There are worst things like suntan lotion [that pollute the sea] and you’re not adding to it by weeing as it’s completely neutral.

“The sea is a fine place to wee,” Nick explained before admitting he wouldn’t deposit other human waste in the oceans.

Got anything better to talk about?

GMB viewer

“I would never go and pee near children and also, I think one of the main things from an environmental point of view is not to do it near coral,” he added.

“It can erode it as we know but it has been proven that it is harmless to do it and I think most of the nation if not everyone does it.”

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “For some bizarre reason my TV has selected channel three at switch on and they’re talking about pissing in the sea. WTF is this nonsense? #gmb.”

Another social media user posted: “Riveting conversations on #GMB this morning,” followed by a laughing face emoji.

“This has put me off going in the sea #gmb,” a third remarked whilst a fourth shared: “It’s a brand new low! Even for #gmb.”

A fifth remarked: “#gmb have you got anything better to talk about rather than if it’s wrong to wee in the sea?”

“I think you’re missing the bigger issue ref weeing in the sea. Take a look at the amount of raw sewage our water companies are dumping in our rivers and the sea! #rivercide,” a sixth commented.

Whilst a seventh opined: “On the basis, the UK releases raw sewage into the sea every time the treatment plants exceed capacity, this really is an utterly pointless debate.”

Nick also explained to the presenters because of the scale and mass of water in the sea, wee would be diluted anyway.

This came after Kate suggested it could be more dangerous for people to wee in the sea as humans would have traces of drugs, like paracetamol in their bloodstream.

Offering a comparison to get her point across Kerry told Nick if he were to wash his hands in a toilet instead of a sink, it would equate to someone weeing in the sea.

“That’s exactly what you’re implying,” she told her fellow guest as the heated debate came to a conclusion.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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