GMB viewers sob and Susanna Reid fights back tears as she and Piers Morgan pay emotional tribute to coronavirus victims

GOOD Morning Britain viewers were left sobbing and Susanna Reid fought back tears as she and Piers Morgan paid emotional tribute to coronavirus victims.

The ITV breakfast show was praised for the moving montage, which saw the hosts read out personalised eulogies as photos of each person was shown on screen.

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The 15-minute segment started just after 8am.

With he and Susanna standing either side of a large screen, Piers said: "We passed a horrendous milestone in this country, 100,000 people have now died from coronavirus in the UK."

Susanna added: "This morning, we pay tribute to all those who have died and to those who have been left behind.

"With family permission, here are just some of their stories."

They shared intimate details about each of the victim's lives, including their hobbies, their loved ones, and part of their history, with regular GMB guest, twin Doris Hobday, among those featured.

Concluding the piece, Susanna's voice cracked and she visibly fought tears as she said: "For each name and every story we have told, there are at least 4,000 people who have died with coronavirus in the last year."

Piers added: "We pay tribute to each and every person who has lost their lives to this dreadful virus, may they all rest in peace."

Moving music then played as more images were shown on screen before the show cut to an ad break.

It was all too much for viewers, who flocked to Twitter to share their reaction to the heartbreaking piece.

One fan wrote: "Sat in tears watching @GMB thank you for giving us a moment to reflect , we all need to be together on this and get through it."

Another added: "#GMB just did the saddest segment I’ve ever watched this morning honouring some of the deaths from Covid."

A third tweeted: "Well done @GMB for your extremely poignant tribute to a small number of the people this country have lost to this pandemic. Thinking of all the families left behind."

One more cried: "Sat on sofa sobbing hearing and seeing all the people who have died. Seeing them faces makes you realise and that’s not even 1% of the amount that’s died."

The tribute came one day after it was announced that the UK's coronavirus death toll had passed 100,000 – the worst seven-day death toll in the world.

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