Go home then! Vine guest sparks fury saying Northerners have more common sense

Jeremy Vine panelist Mike Parry hits out at M25 protesters

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With the fuel crisis continuing to hit car owners up and down the country as many flock to petrol stations to fill their tanks, Jeremy Vine put to his guests on the Channel 5 talk show that queues and chaos are reportedly lesser in the northern counties. According to reports presented on the show, “conditions” were much better in the north of the country for those who need fuel as queuing and panic buying is less of an occurrence compared to in the south. However, when commentator Mike Parry lauded the north and bashed the south in a passionate tirade, he soon found himself being collared by fellow guest Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

“I was born and brought up in the north,” Mike began as the conversation turned towards the reports. “But I have spent most of my working life in the south because that’s where my business is, the media and all this.”

From the off, Yasmin chipped in to tease Mike: “Shame on you. You should be up there giving jobs to people.”

Mike chuckled before admitting he’d like to move back up north and “do just that” before telling Jeremy how he grew up in Chester. 

“Beautiful part of the world,” Mike added before reading aloud a report from the Daily Mail which stated: “Conditions are better in Scotland, Wales, north-east England, Yorkshire and the south-west – this is about conditions at petrol stations.”

Moments later, Mike launched into a blistering attack against the south, ranting: “This only goes to prove northern people have more common sense than southern people!

“Southern people are manic, they’re driven to a form of madness by living in a southeast bubble by living inside the M25, and that’s why there’s loads and loads of petrol queues here.”

He went on: “Coming in this morning, my car was trapped three times in petrol queues outside petrol stations – I wasn’t even queuing myself!”

Jeremy concurred with Mike, sharing a clip he’d recorded from the camera on his bicycle helmet of a queue outside a London garage.

But Yasmin defended those in Mike’s firing line, hitting back: “London is the engine of this country, that’s the reason why. We are the economic engine.”

Mike wasn’t done with his tirade against the south there, however, as he continued: “More northern people should be running this country.

“Northern people have got more common sense than southern people and I believe that the concentration of power in the south-east of England drives people mad.”

Yasmin had enough and furiously interrupted: “I tell you what, live with you words; move. Move and go and live in the north and then talk.”

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As Mike tried to protest, Yasmin continued to fire back: “No! You can’t have the advantage of being with us southerners and then slag us off.”

Mike warned Yasmin she was on “dodgy ground” after she’d threatened to move following Boris Johnson’s appointment as prime minister but the Channel 5 guest wasn’t to be deterred.

“I’m making another point,” Yasmin added. “You’re saying you hate the south, blah, blah, blah… But you live in the south.”

Mike tried to defend himself by saying he “loved the south” but it didn’t stop him from continuing to praise northerners in comparison.

“Northern people are nicer than southern people,” Mike said. “They’re more tolerant -“

“You’re not a good example, honey, of being a nice person,” Yasmin quipped before Jeremy eventually waded into the debate to admit he saw where Mike was coming from.

However, the row divided viewers with Pat Ashworth saying on Twitter: “Like many, I’m a northerner who lives in the south.  Should I use my common sense and let the car run dry, or panic buy and fill it up?”

While John Tuer weighed in: “Yes totally agree. Sure the panic buying of toilet started in the south.”

Jeremy Vine airs weekdays at 9:15am on Channel 5.

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