‘Goodness me! Antiques Roadshow guest stunned by valuation of antique diamond rings

Antiques Roadshow: Expert values set of diamond rings

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Antiques Roadshow visited Christchurch Park in Ipswich for a previous episode of the hit BBC show. The episode saw the valuation of an Imperial Chinese porcelain vase, some solid gold lapel badges and paintings by a famous Suffolk artist. But, it was some diamond rings that caught the eye of antique expert Joanna Hardy. She stunned the owner of the jewellery when she revealed that the items were worth around £10,000.

Joanna was delighted the guest had brought the three rings onto the show: “Normally I’m lucky enough if I get to see one ring, but here I’ve got three rings.”

The guest revealed her great-grandfather had bought the rings around 1910.

She explained they had been passed down through the family over the years and were now in her possession.

An intrigued Joanna took a look at each of the three rings and assessed the quality of the stones.

The antique expert noted the first ring had a large diamond in the centre, but it did have some flaws.

“This has a really nice bright, bright colour to it. It’s a good colour,” Joanna explained.

She then asked the guest if they had looked at the diamond closely and pointed out it did have very visible inclusion in the centre.

“When we look at diamonds we don’t want to see that many inclusions because it distracts the light coming back through the stone and back out to the eye.

“It’s the inclusions, when I’m pricing it, I have to take that into account,” Joanna remarked.

She then moved on to discuss the second ring, which featured a cluster of diamonds.

“The centre stone here is slightly darker in colour and it is lumpier because it is an earlier cut,” the expert continued.

“So this is a cushion-cut, probably cut around 1890. I think they were earlier stones being put into a later mount. Still in platinum.”

Moving onto the third ring Joanna remarked: “Then you have this navette shaped beautiful stone, again with cushion-shaped diamonds and the centre stone is a sapphire.

“When I look inside the sapphire with my trusted loupe here, it has this sort of lovely, milky, velvety feel inside and that to me is indicating it could possibly come from cashmere.

“They’re lovely. They’re really beautiful,” the gemologist added.

“So, I would say that at auction the sapphire and diamond navette cluster ring here I would say is around £2,000, the diamond cluster ring is around £2,000 and the single stone diamond ring is around five to seven thousand pounds.

“So, collectively you’re looking at, you know, short of £10,000.”

The owner was clearly amazed by the value of the rings: “Goodness me!”

The guest and her mother discussed how long the rings had been in their family, noting that their late relatives would likely never have known the true value of the jewellery.

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

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