Gossip Girl fans are 'screaming' after Max and Aki strip naked & share a passionate kiss in episode 2

GOSSIP Girl, which has moved from The CW to HBO Max for its reboot, picked up the steam in episode 2 with a passionate kiss shared between a very naked Max and Aki.

The two high schoolers, played by Thomas Doherty and Evan Mock, respectively, left fans “screaming” in excitement after their lip-lock at a bath house.

Major vibes have been teased between Max and Aki since the start of episode 1, as well as between Max and Aki’s girlfriend Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind), and those imaginary feelings turned very real on Thursday.

In the new Gossip Girl episode, Aki accompanied Max to a bath house because the latter was stalking his teacher – only fair, as little did he know, the educators have been stalking the students, as well – and knew he’d be there.

Max wanted to hook up with his teacher, Rafa (Jason Gotay), despite being told by him that that was never going to happen (at least until after graduation), so he tried to make him jealous by him and Aki stripping down naked and kissing.

Though he tried to make it seem like he didn’t even want to be at the bath house with him, Aki quickly agreed to the scheme and even made the first move, leaning in and kissing Max, both with nothing but a towel held in front of them.

One fan wrote after seeing the episode: “Watching these two make out naked in a bathhouse is EXACTLY what i signed up for #GossipGirl”

Another hit it right on the mark and said that fans are “not gonna be okay after this new gossip girl reboot episode because of a clothes-less Thomas Doherty kissing men and a** in full view.”

A third shared a screaming gif, accompanied with the explanation: “Naked thomas doherty and evan mock”

Others said: “I love a good bath house scene #GossipGirl” and “Gossip Girl giving us a lot of man butt in episode 2 and I for one am thankful”

The reactions kept coming with fans of the revival series freaking out that not only did they get a Max-Aki kiss but that they didn’t have to wait too long into the season to get one.


Viewers latched on to the fact that “aki didn’t hesitate to kiss max,” “looked dazed after” and even asked if they should follow the teacher and do it again.

Later in the episode, Max then slept with Aki’s girlfriend Audrey, shocking fans that both Aki and Audrey cheated on each other – with the same guy.

Trying to wrap their head around it all, one fan wrote: “aki and max kissed and aki and audrey slept together oh it’s gonna get messy #GossipGirl”

Another viewer seconded that, tweeting: “Max sleeps with Audrey, kissed Aki and also going after a teacher. I live for a messy character #GossipGirl”

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Fans are just excited to see where this all leads, as a threesome between Maxi, Audrey, and Aki has been teased from the start.

Episode 2 saw a couple new combinations of those three characters, and now viewers are ready to see all of them together.

The next new episode of Gossip Girl – episode 3 – comes out on HBO Max on Thursday, July 22.

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