Grant Gustin Opens Up About The Flash Ending and What Exactly in the Series Finale Made Him 'Emotional' (VIDEO)

Grant Gustin had a lot to say — and to share — during his visit to TVLine’s New York office, where he reflected on The Flash‘s nine-season run and teased the final few episodes.

In Part 1 of our video series with Gustin, The Flash‘s front man starts off by shedding light on the Instagram video he posted of him saying goodbye to his speedster suit. Was he as emotional about the moment as it sounded?

Then, about two minutes in, we get to talking about whether it was easier to bid The Flash adieu knowing that the Arrowverse isn’t as bustling as it once was, during its four- and five-shows heyday. “I hadn’t thought about it…,” he answers, “but maybe in some ways it did make it a little easier, knowing that the party isn’t going to keep going without us. It’s like, ‘We’re shutting this place down.’”

After then rattling off a few of his favorite guest stars of all-time, Gustin acknowledges that there was a “weird stretch of seasons” where Barry and his wife Iris (played by Candice Patton) spent a lot of time apart. But for Season 9, showrunner Eric Wallace avowed that #WestAllen would be working together, as the series neared its end. Along those lines, Gustin shares how he was pointedly told that a bedroom was being built for WestAllen, so, “We knew going in.”

Around the six-minute mark, Gustin talks about some of the announced returns, including original cast member Rick Cosnett, who “blew me away,” he effues. “He got to do some really interesting stuff, unlike anything he’s done on our show before.”

Gustin then teases this season’s eighth episode, titled “Partners in Time” and airing April 5, saying that the sitcom-like bottle episode is one of his favorite outings of the season. (Keep an eye out for exclusive footage!)

The video Q&A wraps with Gustin offering an overview of the season’s last few episodes, saying, “I really appreciated how there was a conscious effort to bookend some important stuff from Season 1,” adding: “[Eric Wallace] did a really good job of tying in some of our most classic storylines from that season.”

Closing out that thought, he reveals what specific guest star/material from the series finale “kind of caught me off guard” and got him “emotional” during that final hour.

Stay tuned for more TVLine videos with Gustin, where he says a few heartfelt words about each original cast member… teases Stephen Amell’s return as Oliver… and entertainingly answers many (great) reader questions.

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