Helen Flanagan is a multi-tasking pro as she breastfeeds newborn son Charlie while doing housework

HELEN Flanagan proved herself as a multi-tasking pro today, revealing that she completed household chores while breastfeeding newborn son Charlie.

The 30-year-old star gave birth to her third child last week, with she and fiancé Scott Sinclair already mum and dad to five-year-old Matilda and three-year-old Delilah.

And the former Coronation Street actress is a dab hand at motherhood, taking to her Instagram Story today to update fans.

Helen posed for a smiling selfie while breastfeeding her son, with the new mum supporting the little one in a baby carrier.

She is visibly glowing in the make-up free picture, with her hair tied back into a bun.

The TV favourite captioned the post: "Breastfeeding while doing house jobs. I wish I washed my hair."

She followed up with a video of Charlie still in the carrier, explaining that she'd been forced to put cabbage leaves over her breasts in a bid to relieve pain.

The vegetables are a common home remedy to help ease discomfort for swollen or painful breasts due to cabbage's anti-inflammatory properties.

Helen explained: "I've got tea on, Charlie's on the baby carrier, he's had a feed.

"I've had to put a cabbage leaf in my bra."

Youngest daughter Delilah then came into shot, with the proud mum gushing about how much she loves her little brother – asking her if she was going to help give him his first bath.

Helen wrote alongside the videos: "Can't believe I'm a mummy of three.

"It's busy but way more chilled than I thought.

"Delilah absolutely loves him so much. Actually really proud of how loving she is."

Helen gave birth to Charlie on partner Scott's birthday, which he'd previously predicted would happen.

She was two days overdue, with Scott the first to announce the news with a sweet Instagram snap, writing: "I couldn’t ask for a better gift on my Birthday, what a blessing!!! welcome to the world son. Charlie Scott Sinclair 25/03/21."

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