Heres where the original cast of Emmerdale is now

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Emmerdale – 50 Unforgettable Years will make its debut on ITV tonight just before the latest drama-filled episode airs at 7pm. Characters have come and gone during their five decades, but the village and all the romances, action and laughter has remained the same. has everything there is to know about the whereabouts of the original 1972 cast now.

Where is the original cast of Emmerdale now?

Jack Sugden – Andrew Burt

Jack Sugden, who was played by Andrew Burt, was the estranged son of Annie and her late husband Jacob Sugden.

He remained in the soap until 1976, but Jack returned four years later and was recast by actor Clive Hornby who stayed for 28 years.

Following his stint on Emmerdale, Burt appeared in Poirot, Doctor Who, Warship, The Legend of King Arthur, Campion, Oscar Charlie, I’m Alan Partridge and Doctors.

He went on to qualify as a counsellor, running his own practice before he died of lung cancer, aged 73, in 2018.

Annie Sugden – Sheila Mercier

The head of the Sugden family in the 1970s was none other than Annie Sugden, played by actress Sheila Mercier.

She continued to play Annie until 1996 but popped up in the soap every now and again until 2009.

Emmerdale was her final acting role and had married fellow actor Peter Mercier who she had two children with.

Mercier died at the age of 100 in 2019.

Joe Sugden – Frazer Hines

Joe was the second of Annie’s sons, portrayed by actor Frazier Hines.

He remained in Emmerdale until 1994 and has gone on to star in various other TV shows and films.

The 78-year-old from Leeds has since been in Lost at Christmas, Out of Sight, Two Days in the Smoke, and most recently, Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen.

Marian Wilks – Gail Harrison

Marian was the first to be seen in Emmerdale, riding on horseback in the show’s first-ever scene.

She had a romance with Jack Sugden early on and was the daughter of Henry Wilks.

Following the ITV series, actress Gail Harrison was Val in the sitcom Hi-de-Hi andBrelca in the kids’ fantasy drama Return of the Antelope.

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Sam Pearson – Toke Townley

Sam Pearson, who was known as Grandad but was Annie’s dad, was played by Toke Townley.

He died of a heart attack during a filming break in 1984 at 71 years old.

Peggy Skilbeck – Jo Kendall

Actress Jo Kendall was behind Annie’s eldest married daughter Peggy Skilbeck who wasn’t in the drama for very long.

She went on to feature in the drama Scum in 1979 and the romantic 1992 movie Howards End starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.

Henry Wilks – Arthur Pentelow

Retired factory owner and father of Marian, Henry Wilks, was played by Arthur Pentelow.

In 1991, Pentelow was on his way back to Leeds to resume filming when he had a heart attack at the wheel.

Amos Brearly – Ronald Magill

Amos Brearly was the pub landlord and the village’s ultimate gossip, played by Ronald Magill.

The former theatre director died at age 87 in 2007.

Emmerdale continues four nights a week at 7.30pm on ITV.

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