Hollyoaks fans fear death plot for Darren as Luke fails to save him from Ethan

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Fans were left in suspense by the latest episode of Hollyoaks, which saw Luke Morgan come close to rescuing his friend Darren, who has been held captive in a hotel by the villainous Ethan.

After seeing each other for a brief moment after Darren attempted to escape, Darren was led back to the hotel room by Ethan and fans were left on a cliff hanger at the end.

Devastated by how close Luke came to saving his friend, one viewer said: "Luke was literally so close. I wonder if Darren will end up dying or being saved somehow?"

Another viewer left in suspense said: "Nooo Luke, he's literally right there," with another adding: "Luke was so close!"

Others posted the crying emoji, while another viewer said on Twitter: "Me tonight knowing Darren was so close to escaping and being found but it didn't happen."

The episode saw fan favourite Luke Morgan, played by Gary Lucy, search for his close friend Darren Osborne, played by Ashley Taylor Dawson, after Darren has gone missing.

Luke grew concerned about Darren's whereabouts, after realising he would not have left without his lucky shirt, and took it upon himself to track his friend down.

Using a tracker on his phone, he visited the Brass Band hotel after he found out that Ste and Sienna were heading to the hotel too.

After jumping in the back of their van, he knocked on every door in the hotel to find Darren.

Meanwhile, Darren made a daring bid for escape from kidnapper Ethan and managed to grab the keys to the room, before jumping into a lift.

Fans took to twitter to tell Darren to run, with one saying: "Darren almost escaped!"

However, it wasn't long until Ethan caught up with Darren and forced him back into the hotel room, where he remained captive.

But when he jumped into the lift, Luke and Darren saw each other, leaving viewers wondering what will happen next.

Left confused by what he saw at the hotel, Luke later returned home with Ste and Sienna, after they were concerned Luke's family would be worried about him.

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