Homes Under the Hammer star left disgusted by very odd discovery in bathroom

Homes Under the Hammer host Jacqui Joseph was shocked by an unusual bathroom discovery on Tuesday's show (May 2).

The TV presenter had been visiting a three-bedroom bungalow in the Selly Park area of Birmingham when she came across a strange feature in the property's bathroom.

And the house-hunting expert revealed she'd never seen anything like it before as she said it was a "first" for her.

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Jacqui took BBC viewers around the bungalow, which was estimated to be worth between £370,000 to £390,000.

For the most part, she was complimentary about the bungalow's features, including its spacious hallway, its garden and the wood burner.

But she noted that the property smelled damp and the kitchen looked "dated", suggesting it would need some renovating if a buyer wanted to bring it up to date.

It was the bathroom that baffled her, though, because it contained a urinal right next to the doorway, a layout more akin to a public toilet than a private home.

Jacqui asked: "Before I even talk about anything – this is a bathroom first for me. Can you see what I see?"

"Very, very odd," she added. "Not for me though. Would you keep it?"

It seems Jacqui would be quick to scrap that urinal if she were to move into the bungalow herself, as she thought the whole bathroom needed "stripping out, get it modern,", adding: "Get this [the urinal] out."

Later on, the bungalow sold at an auction for £405,000, above the original guide price, to retired teacher Sayara.

She picked the property so that she could live closer to her daughter and grandchildren, who live down the road from her.

After nine months, Jacqui returned to the bungalow to find it had been renovated, and the urinal had been taken out and replaced with a heated towel rail.

The teacher had given herself a £60,000 budget to re-do the house.

A property expert revalued the house at £600,000 following the renovation, more than £200,000 more than the original price.


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