How to watch American Horror Stories in the UK

American Horror Stories: FX release dramatic trailer

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FX gave the green light for American Horror Stories earlier this year and now a release date has been announced. The series is made by Ryan Murphy, the creator of the original horror show American Horror Story. Here’s everything we know so far about watching the upcoming series.

How to watch American Horror Stories in the UK 

American Horror Stories is going to premiere tomorrow, Thursday, July 15, on Hulu.

The first two episodes are going to be ready to watch on launch day with the rest of the episodes airing weekly every Thursday.

Unfortunately,  the streaming service Hulu is only available to those who reside in America.

So UK fans will not be able to watch the new horror series like those in the States.

With the previous nine series of the mothership show American Horror Story, episodes have aired a day after US transmission on FOX UK.

Sadly, this won’t be the case with American Horror Stories as FOX UK closed as a channel on Wednesday, June 30.

The decision was made by its owners Disney so it could shift more of its shows onto its streaming service Disney+.

Various FX shows have since been moved to the streamer including The Walking Dead.

So far, a UK release date for American Horror Stories hasn’t been announced.

However, if the show was originally going to be on FOX UK, then perhaps it will be made available on content hub STAR which is on Disney+.

This has not yet been confirmed by Disney so it seems unlikely the show will be available in the UK this week.

But there is another streamer that American Horror Stories could potentially end up on.

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The first nine series of American Horror Story are available on Netflix.

With series 10 coming up on FX and Hulu in August, fans are expecting the same season to come out on the streaming service sometime next year.

So is there a chance that Netflix will become the new international home of American Horror Stories? will update this article once more information has been released.

Unlike the original show, American Horror Stories is going to have a different plot every episode.

The entire cast for the series hasn’t been announced but a few of its actors have been revealed.

These include Pose‘s Dyllón Burnside, Riverdale’s Charles Melton, The Prom’s Nico Greetham and Glee’s Kevin McHale, all of who creator Murphy has worked with before.

American Horror Stories will premiere on Thursday, July 15, on Hulu.

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