I have to pinch myself! A Place in the Suns Craig Rowe details surreal element of job

Craig Rowe discusses issues with his property's roof

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The A Place in the Sun property expert is one of the latest to have joined the growing team of presenters on the Channel 4 staple, and at times he still can’t believe he has the opportunity to travel around the world for a living. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, he described it as his “dream job” and admitted he often has to “pinch” himself, especially when he is able to explore special places.

Craig was recently lucky enough to be the first of the presenters to venture further afield for the job for the first time since the pandemic began.

In an episode which aired recently, Craig jetted off to The Caribbean to help couple Lesley and Ken to find their dream holiday home.

Reflecting on this, he said: “Obviously, the journey over there is very long.

“And then we’re sort of we’re looking at properties and travelling around the island every day.

“But then having said that, because I was doing three episodes, we then got two weekends off in between.

“So I was able to have a bit of free time to go and explore the island.

“I mean, the great thing about filming A Place in the Sun is we do travel around, we go inland we go around different coastal areas, we went up to some mountain areas.

“And lots of that is in the programme, so the lovely thing is if you went on to Barbados for a holiday, you’d probably go to one place and sit on the beach for a week and have a lovely time.

“And you might do one or two trips, but with A Place in the Sun, we go to lots of different places.

“So it’s a good way for viewers to see lots of the island.”

The keen property guru continued: “We don’t normally get any time to do our own travelling, so when I’m in France or Italy or Greece, we started filming on a Monday morning.

“And then we finish on a Friday afternoon and all those days are taken up with filming and it’s quite long days.

“So in the evening, really, you’ve only got the energy to sort of go for something to eat and something to drink.

“But on longer shoots – like this was three weeks – you do get a couple of weekends.

“So it sort of depends where you are, but I love the job so much even if it’s long days.

“I just enjoy it. It’s just a great opportunity to see different places and snoop around properties and I love property, I love to travel, so I really enjoy it.”

After calling the gig his “dream job,” Craig added: “Sometimes I sort of pinch myself, especially in Barbados.

“You can imagine I’m there on these beautiful white sands with the most amazing blue sea and palm trees.

“There were times where I thought, ‘is this actually real? I’m going to wake up in a minute!’

“Because really it did feel like a dream job over there.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays from 3pm on Channel 4.

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