Im A Celebs Naughty Boy opens up on shedding 8 stone in throwback footage

I'm A Celebrity's Naughty Boy opens up about losing eight stone during a newly unearthed clip from his episode of Deal Or No Deal.

The radio star and DJ, 40, appeared on the Channel 4 gameshow back in 2007 when he was just 26, and ended up walking away with an impressive win of £44,000.

Expressing how his weight loss gave him the positivity to focus on the show, Naughty Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan, revealed to presenter Noel Edmonds he'd brought a throwback photo along for his game.

“This wasn’t something I was going to bring initially but I’ve changed the way I look a lot over the last few years,” he began tentatively from the centre of the studio.

“Is that you?” Noel asked, agape, and Naughty Boy confirmed his dramatic weight loss.

“Yeah. People don’t… people I went to school with just don’t recognise me when they see me,” he nodded. “This is only 2001, 2002.

“I was about 18 and a half stone.”

“Now at 26 what do you weigh?” Noel asked, and Naughty Boy confirmed he was a svelte 10 and a half stone at the time.

The presenter was amazed at Naughty Boy’s incredible achievements and jokily begged him to share his secrets with everyone at home.

But the star insisted it was because he had the drive to succeed – not due to any fad diets.

Instead, Naughty Boy revealed that he believed diets “restrict you” because they’re about “discipline”, and when Noel wondered if the key was to “love yourself”, the then-aspiring musician declared “of course it is”.

Naughty Boy then told the Deal Or No Deal host he was determined to try and inspire the infamous “banker” on the show as he was too much about “numbers and profit”.

What’s more, fans of I’m A Celebrity will be delighted to know that the star’s spiritual connection to birds goes all the way back to his appearance on the Channel 4 programme.

“There were these two beautiful birds under my dressing table [in my hotel], and they built a nest overnight,” he recalled to the show’s host.

“Two birds came into your hotel room and built a nest under your dressing table and you brought some of it with you?” Noel repeated, pointing at a little twig stack on the table.

“That’s a good luck symbol,” he said excitedly, and Naughty Boy was thrilled at the prospect of a good game ahead.

“It means that today financially could be quite a coup for you,” Noel declared with a grin, and he was right, as after a nail-biting show the radio DJ went home with an impressive sum of £44,000.

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