It’s A Sin’s heartbreaking finale has viewers in tears: ‘Everyone needs a Jill'

Viewers of It’s A Sin were left in tears at the emotional and heart-wrenching final episode, as the friends were once again rocked by the effects of the Aids crisis. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Russell T Davies’ much-praised series aired it’s finale on Channel 4 on Friday, and viewers were left emotional to see Ritchie Tozer (Olly Alexander) die from Aids. 

The five-episode series follows a young group of friends in London at the beginning of the Aids crisis, with the devastating effects of the disease tearing through their friendship group. 

Following the death of Colin Morris-Jones (Callum Scott Howell) in episode three, the group also had to face the death of Ritchie, whose parents kept him away from the rest of his friends after taking him home from hospital to die. 

Viewers praised Lydia West for her portrayal of Jill Baxter, who was by Ritchie’s side throughout the ups and downs, even travelling to the Isle of Wight to try and convince Ritchie’s mother to allow him to see his best friends for one last time. 

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