Jack Whitehall says the Brits will be better than ever with crowd of key workers instead of 'music millionaires'

JACK Whitehall says the Brits will be better than ever with key workers in the crowd instead of 'music industry execs and millionaires'

The comedian will be hosting the best gig of the showbiz calendar for a fourth time when it returns on May 11.

It'll be the first event of its kind to go ahead with a live audience since the coronavirus pandemic – and most of the tickets will go to key workers from London "to thank them for their remarkable hard work and selfless commitment".

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today about hosting the event, Jack said: "You've got to do it for the people at home as well as the people in the room because sometimes they can be a bit wrapped up in their own experience and aren't very interested in you.

"That's why this year will be especially great because it won't just be music executives and millionaires.

"It will be frontline workers and key works who really deserve and night out and will be so happy to be there and so deserving to have a show put on for them."

The Brits' live audience will go ahead as part of the government's research into how live events might work after the pandemic.

The 4,000-strong audience will need a negative Covid test – but won't have to wear masks or be socially distanced.

The ceremony will take place at London's O2 Arena on May 11.

Jack’s recent outings as host have won rave reviews from guests and fans at home.

Jack told The Sun last month: “It really is always an honour to do it but this year feels even more special.

“I must be doing something right to be invited back.

“This is about celebrating all the artists that made the music which helped us get through what’s been a b*d of a year. It’s also now just a nice excuse to get out of the house and put on a suit.

“I’d honestly have done it if they’d held it in a field with just me and Craig David.”

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