James Martin leaves co-star red-faced with crude question: ‘What’s up your kilt?

Cheeky James Martin asks co-star if anything is under his kilt

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TV Chef James Martin, 49, travelled to Scotland for another episode of his show James Martin’s Islands to Highlands on ITV. He was joined by friend and Top Chef Nick Nairn, 62, where they enjoyed a fine dining experience whilst on the train to Scotland. The pair dressed up in their finest attires, with Nick wearing a kilt to pay homage to his hometown.

Introducing Nick, James said: “Today I’m in bonny Scotland, and the launchpad of this epic adventure begins in Edinburgh at Wembley station.

“Waiting for me is my mate and Top Chef Nick Nairn,” the pair greeted one another before Nick asked: “What’s happening?”

“I knew you liked trains,” James said, adding: “I love trains, my grandparents used to live on trains this is going to be on your bucket list.”

James then joked: “By the way, you were meant to greet me with a bunch of flowers.”

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The pair boarded the train and set off their journey through Scotland, heading towards Perth and the Scottish Highlands.

Whilst onboard the train, James and Nick were treated to a fine dining experience, where they both dressed up in their fanciest outfits.

Walking down the train to meet Nick, James was in a full suit and was greeted by Nick wearing traditional Scottish attire – a kilt.

He knocked: “Dinner’s up, look at you,” he laughed with Nick replying: “It’s a kilt, have you never seen a kilt before?”

“Spin round, let’s go for dinner,” James played before adding: “What’s up your kilt? Have you got anything underneath that?”

Immediately, Nick replied: “No,” making James feel slightly ill, he said, “Great, I’ve got to eat!”

The pair went and sat in the elegant vintage dining car and met executive chef Mark Tamburrini who cooked their meal for the ride.

“So, this is the calm before the storm, is it?” James joked as Mark replied, laughing: “Just about yeah!”

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James continued: “How long have you been working on the train?” Mark answered: “I’ve been here for nine years.”

“Nine years!” James exclaimed in shock, “and it’s more difficult than working in a traditional restaurant?”

Mark agreed: “It has its challenges, it’s the logistics of orders and constantly moving all the time, making food and plating you have to think about angles and plates moving towards you.”

“And also, the menu reflects where you visit?” James asked with Mark replying: “As much as we can, we pack up beef that comes from Aberdeen, so as much as we can, we’ll cater the menus.”

Nick interjected: “Sorry to interrupt but, what about the wine cellar, do you have an extensive wine cellar?”

“It’s well-stocked,” Mark replied, but James interrupted and pointed to Nick: “Enough, they knew you were coming on, you see!”

Thanking Mark for speaking to them, Nick and James said they were looking forward to what he had cooked for them.

James Martin’s Islands to Highlands airs every Monday at 8pm on ITV. 
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