Jana Kramer posts about NARCISSISTS in cryptic post after her cheating ex Mike Caussin slams her in his dating profile

JANA Kramer shared a post all about how to spot a “narcissist” after her cheating ex Mike Caussin slammed her in his new dating profile.

Just weeks after the couple, who share two kids, finalized their divorce, Mike updated his Bumble account to shade Jana.

He called her out about her love of social media, and she went ahead and used her Instagram to call him out for being a “narcissist.”

Without explicitly naming Mike, Jana posted “21 tell-tale traits of a narcissist,” which was put together by another account and she felt was a good list.

Shared to the mother-of-two’s IG Story, the four main traits included the person having “childish outbursts.”

The cryptic post that seemed to take aim at her ex-husband also mentioned “never takes responsibility for their actions” on the list, after Mike’s infidelity during their marriage.

“Uses excessive charm and manipulation to control” and “Needs to put others down to feel good about themselves” were some others listed.

Jana had previously mentioned that it was hard for her to decide to leave her marriage to Mike but realized in the end it was what she needed to do.

As for putting others down, the One Tree Hill actress broke down in tears on her podcast and said Mike “mocked” her for not being “strong” after their divorce.

Jana revealed: “It chokes me up because someone, and I won’t name who it is because he doesn’t want me talking about him, but they said, ‘Stop victimizing yourself online.’

“And I’m like, ‘I’m showing that I’m strong,’ and the person mocked me and was like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re so strong.’”

She continued: “I am strong! And I have a right to show that because for the first time I am proud of my strength because I didn’t think I could do this alone. That’s why I stayed in something.”

The former football player then appeared to throw some more shade towards his ex while searching for a new relationship on Bumble.

Under his "About Me" section, first revealed by Deux Moi, Mike wrote: "Divorced, 2 dogs, 2 kids (that are my everything) and I have zero social media (yes, that is true.)

"So as long as you are a nice and genuine person who doesn't allow social media to dictate who you are or what you are we'll get along just fine."

Jana has not been shy when it comes to opening up about her past relationship on social media and podcasts – she even "sold her wedding ring" to renovate her home.

The country singer was awarded "primary residential custody" of their two children, 5-year-old daughter Jolie and 2-year-old son Jace, in her finalized divorce decree.

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