Jay Blades shares exciting The Repair Shop news ‘Filming non-stop!’

Jay Blades confirms there will be another series of The Repair Shop

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Jay Blades MBE appeared on This Morning’s edition of Monday to discuss his new show, Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop. But presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes couldn’t let him go without asking him about The Repair Shop and whether there was a new series in the pipeline. The furniture restorer had good news for fans as there is not one, but “a few” series to come of the popular BBC One show. 

“We can’t let you go without asking about The Repair Shop,” Ruth said. “Another series coming? Please say yes!” 

“Yes, there’s another series coming!” Jay revealed. “I think there’s a few series coming, we’re filming non-stop. 

“I’m up there this week… we’ve been filming non-stop, so The Repair Shop don’t worry there’s loads more of that coming, I mean absolutely loads. 

“But they allowed me time off to go and film Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop – it’s made by the same people who make The Repair Shop, so I think it’s going to be good. 

“But I think I’ll wait for people to see it and tell me!” 

The Repair Shop first aired in March 2017 with 16 episodes, following its initial success, and the BBC commissioned several more series with even more episodes. 

As for what fans can expect from his new show, there are 18 local heroes featured in total who are all worthy of receiving a bespoke piece of furniture as a thank you for their exceptional help and kindness. 

There are many tear-jerking moments in the series, but in the first episode, viewers will be introduced to Jack, who was been nominated by Connor. 

Connor explains how he had a life-threatening liver condition and he posted a plea on social media for someone to donate half a live to try and save his life. 

Jack got in touch and although they were complete strangers, following the operation they became friends, before becoming a couple and now living together. 

So, members of Jay’s workshop team got together to great a mid-century sideboard for their new house. 

Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop and The Repair Shop are not the only shows Jay is currently presenting, he also has a documentary with the BBC called Jay Blades Learning to Read at 51 and the This Morning hosts wanted to discuss this too. 

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“Ruth and I were talking about this, this morning,” Eamonn introduced. “Jay Blades Learning to Read at 51!” 

“That’s my documentary that I’m doing with regards to me kinda learning to read,” he said. “Well not kind of, I’ve got to learn to read and they’re following me as I go through this journey.” 

As for why he wanted to take part in the documentary, Jay revealed: “My motive for doing it was to read my daughter a bedtime story and write her a letter – which I’ve never done. 

“She’s about 15 years old now so it’s going to be a little outdated, me reading a story, but it’s one of those things I want to do.

“I could read a little bit, I think I suffered a lot of racism when I entered school and my learning just stopped there. 

“This was the ‘80s, ‘81 and I don’t think it was recognised as much then, people didn’t know about dyslexia. 

“I’ve met so many people who have dyslexia and just got through life. But I want to learn to read.” 

Jay told Ruth and Eamonn hold teachers used to call him a “dunce” or “dumb” in school but was relieved when he was given the appropriate label of dyslexic at high school. 

Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop starts this Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two. 

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