Jennifer Lawrence Joins Twitter to Advocate Justice for Breonna Taylor: 'I Cannot Be Silent'

Although Lawrence has never had her own public social media account until now, the Hunger Games star admitted in 2018 that she often checks social media.

“I’m on it. But I’m a voyeur: I watch, I don’t speak," Lawrence told InStyle at the time.

The actress went on to explain that part of the reason she stays hidden and silent online is because she finds the Internet to be too negative — an energy she doesn’t want to welcome into her life.

“There is always so much backlash,” Lawrence told the outlet. “So many people are listening and paying attention, and they have so many opinions about absolutely everything. I really don’t want to welcome that unless it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t want to put myself out there for no reason."

"Unless I’m promoting something or something really burns my onions, you won’t hear from me," she added.

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