Jeremy Vine show slapped with 91 more Ofcom complaints after Beverley Turner row

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The Jeremy Vine show on Channel 5 has now racked up 216 complaints from Ofcom , after a further 91 were received after TV personality Beverley Turner had appeared on the show.

It seems most of the grievances were angled towards Beverley who spoke out against the coronavirus vaccine.

Jeremy and Beverley were joined on the show by broadcaster Angela Epstein and Emma Dabiri.

During the discussion, Beverley said: "If they feel like it's important to them and they want to take it, I do not judge you.

"We should not be sitting there judging people who haven’t taken it for whatever reason that is."

Both Angela and Emma did not take kindly to Beverley's views, with the pair hitting back with their own evidence.

Angela explained: "Vaccine refusers are selfish, irresponsible people who are enjoying their freedom because the rest of us are being vaccinated."

As Emma backed up Angela chiming that she "completely agreed" with her comments, Beverley became angry, claiming she'd been "ambushed" on the show.

After the programme had finished the podcaster took to her own Twitter feed to share an emotional snippet.

On the clip that had been shared on social media, Beverley was shown in tears.

She told her followers: "It's not easy, it's really hard.

"I know I keep my calm but the ambush when all you want to do is have a conversation.

"It's a shutdown debate. It's a one-sided conversation about something that’s so huge and has so many implications for so many people."

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