Jersey Shore Family Vacation trailer: See The Situation's pre-prison wedding

T-shirt time totally transforms into tuxedo time this summer on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. MTV’s Jersey Shore sequel will kick off its third season on July 11 with all-new-but-kinda-the-same drunken antics, but perhaps most notably, the wedding of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and girlfriend Lauren Pesce (which took place last November).

In the new 90-second trailer that MTV released on Thursday, there is a bachelor party that involves upside-down scantily clad people and a floor littered with cash. There is a road trip involving horses. There is a sinking boat. There is shock when Ronny reveals that he was jumped. There is talk of pregnancy and divorce. There is also the matter of Mike going to prison. He received an eight-month prison sentence (plus two years of supervised release, yo!) in his tax evasion case, and there’s an air of uncertainty as he readies for life behind bars. Pauly D offers solace to The Situation, saying, “Yo, is the judge a female? Maybe she’ll be DTF. Down to forgive.”

Click above at your own risk. Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres July 11 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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