Josiah and Lauren Duggar's Instagram Is Starting to Look Just as Edited as Jinger Duggar's

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars for years, and it’s Jinger Duggar who’s made major changes to her online presence. Since marrying Jeremy Vuolo and moving to Los Angeles, Jinger’s made it known she hopes to use her Instagram as a social media influencer — but it’s not going over well. Many are criticizing the photos on her Instagram for their overly-staged look.

It looks like Josiah Duggar’s young wife, Lauren, might be following right in Jinger’s footsteps. The couple’s latest Instagram posts look like they’re taking a page right out of Jinger’s book. Here’s what we noticed.

Jinger Duggar has made multiple attempts to become an influencer

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While Jinger’s husband is busily pursuing his graduate studies in ministry, Jinger’s attempting to make her own name for herself with Instagram influencing. We’ve seen the Counting On star advertise a multitude of products on the ‘gram. Unfortunately, many of her influencing attempts haven’t been too successful.

One of Jinger’s biggest failures was with Fonuts, a Los Angeles-based donut company. While the company initially created their own donut in Jinger’s name, they dropped the partnership after Duggar family critics reached out and explained some of the Duggar family’s views to the small business. Fonuts then released an apology for working with Jinger in the first place.

“We apologize for our recent poor choice of promotional partner,” the founders of the company stated. “We were shocked and dismayed to learn about who we were associating with. We recognize we really made a mistake by not properly researching them.”

After the Fonuts situation, Jinger’s other partnerships with Rebecca Minkoff and Ruggable also appeared to drop her.

Fans and critics alike are over her staged content

Not only is Jinger’s Instagram heavy on the influencer content, but it’s also seriously curated. From perfectly edited photos of her and Jeremy kissing to videos of their daughter, Felicity, laughing and playing, Jinger knows exactly the story she wants to tell through the lens of Instagram filters. And it’s certainly rubbing fans and critics the wrong way.

“Did they stage this with someone telling all the people when to walk through the frame looking blissfully unaware of the camera?” a Reddit user noted regarding a video of Felicity walking in front of Jinger. “Or did someone sprint in front of them and get down on the pavement with enough time to capture them looking blissfully unaware?”

“Felicity is ready to run away from being a baby Influencer,” another added. “Let the poor child play in peace without a camera shoved in her face.”

It looks like Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren, is following in Jinger’s footsteps

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Happy 21st Birthday Lauren! ???

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It looks like it might be Lauren’s turn to over-edit her Instagram posts. All of the posts on Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s Instagram look posed to perfection, and the color scheme remains consistent. Since May 2020 up until the end of June, all of the posts on the couple’s Instagram account look like they were taken in the same field, too. While it makes the page look very neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing, it might make some of their followers wonder about their authenticity.

“Do they live in a field? I swear their whole aesthetic involves dry grass,” a Reddit user noted after seeing the couple’s anniversary post added on June 30.

Another added, “why are they always in a meadow? Did Jim Bob kick them out?”

“Are they incapable of taking a picture somewhere other than that stupid field? So basic,” yet another wrote.

As long as Jinger continues on with her current Instagram aesthetic, we imagine Lauren and Josiah might also continue with the trend. We’ll have to wait and see if it changes.

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